Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream


Viviana F.
Didn't like

I didn't find it to be moisturizing at all. And my shave didn't last very long. I also needed to use a lot of product to get a good shave

taelor h.

I bought the lavender one, I completely fell in love it smells absolutely amazing, it feels wonderful, & when you're done shaving Your skin is so soft.! The consistency is thick, which is very nice, I really have nothing negative to say about this product .!!

Kayleigh G.
EOS shaving cream

I use this all the time. They both work wonders. After one scrape, my leg is completely smooth. The pink one works a little better then the white one but they are better then the Secret brand

Lil P.
New Review- Smells good, but works better!

The eos ( evolution of smooth ) shaving cream works like a miracle! Smells great, just the right amount of creaminess, and leaves my legs soft and smooth! It's a must have! Five stars for eos shaving cream!!!!!

Lil P.

It works really well for me! It leaves my legs soft and smooth and not irritated at all! I vote it as a must have! 100%! I recommend it! I give five stars for eos shaving cream!

Emily  M.
favorite shave cream

I love this shaving cream! at first I did find it a bit odd, because unlike most shaving creams, this one didn't foam up. instead it stays in its creamy consistency (kind of like a lotion). it definitely locks in moisture to my dry legs, smells wonderful, and gives me a nice and smooth shave. not only that, but I also have sensitive skin, and if I use the wrong shaving cream my legs get very irritated, but this didn't do a thing. would totally recommend to anybody!

Morgan C.
Didn't Like It

I thought this stuff would be awesome but I honestly don't like it. The idea of shaving with an actual cream formula seems great at first, until it gunks up your razor and you end up shaving with straight water. I had to go over some areas twice. Even with that being said, it goes on too thin which is too weird for me.

Ella M.

This is super moisturizing! It makes my legs super soft. It smells amazing and leaves a scent. This is awesome. I would recommend it to people who get dry after shaving.

Tyler B.
Uhm yes!!!!

I bought the vanilla bliss and it smells beautiful!! It comes out of the bottle looking and feeling like lotion. I usually am gifted with ingrown hairs and this shaving cream makes all the irritation go away. I love it!

Kenna  S.
Fell in love!

I got this product a while back and have been using it a ton! It smells incredible and leaves my legs and arms feeling so silky and smooth. I love how it works to shave wet or dry. Definite reccomend! 👌