Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream

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Aleks F.

I bought this shaving cream in Raspberry when it first came out in Target stores. I love the little pink case it comes in, and the best part is that it doesn't rust in the shower since it's plastic! It left my legs feeing smooth and clean, and it obviously smelled great. I didn't know there were new fragrances out and I am so excited to try them all.

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Karen P.

I bought the vanilla bliss scent and it smells amazing! But besides the smell I love how it goes on smooth and how its not a foam, which dries out my skin. After shaving my legs they feel so smooth and they smell good! I defiantly recommend this for those who are looking for a smoothing shave cream

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Theresa G.

I love this shaving cream. I came across it in the drug store and saw the name EOS which I absolutely love their lip balm. So I bought it and really like it. I wasn't too sure on how it was going to turn out cause it is the consistency of a lotion but I am really happy that I did find it. It does the job and really leaves the skin moisturized.

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Kelly C.
Great.....but too pricey

I have very dry, sensitive skin and this made my legs feel awesome! I still needed lotion but it kept me from getting razor burn or any bumps. It was a little hard to rinse out of my razor but I could deal with that. The downside was that the bottle did not art me very long and it became too expensive to keep repurchasing. A can or normal shave gel is much cheaper and lasts a lot longer.

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Brandi R.

the raspberry smells so good! it is really creamy and moisturizes very well! after i shave using this shaving cream my legs dont feel dry ! you can use it wet or dry ! a really great product!

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Kelly D.

The main reason why I bought this in the first place was because it was cheap and I'm always looking for a deal. However, when I actually used it, I didn't think it worked that great, and after using it, my legs didn't feel so soft. They felt softer then I rubbed my razor against a bar of soap and then shaved.

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Maribel D.
It clogs my razor

There are so many options to choose from that it could get crazy. I have tried them all but they all don't work as well as I would like to. So after reading some review I decided to try it and its just not for me. Yes, it did give me a close shave but in between shaving I had to stop and take a small brush to clear my razor from this stuff. It took so much time and it got annoying. It smells but the bottle is horrible. I had to literally open the bottle half way and take the product out because the pump wasn't giving me any product. Not for me

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Serena C.
Not great

I bought this expecting to totally love it but I really didn't. It has a surprisingly thin consistency once it's spread out so it doesn't really feel like it's protecting my legs or giving me a smoother shave. I got the same feeling using a bar of soap, honestly. It isn't something I'll be buying again.

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taelor h.

I bought the lavender one, I completely fell in love it smells absolutely amazing, it feels wonderful, & when you're done shaving Your skin is so soft.! The consistency is thick, which is very nice, I really have nothing negative to say about this product .!!

Kayleigh G.
EOS shaving cream

I use this all the time. They both work wonders. After one scrape, my leg is completely smooth. The pink one works a little better then the white one but they are better then the Secret brand