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Triple Moisture Body Cream Forever Sunshine


Ashlee G.

I loveeee Forever Sunshine! It smells so lovely (: i love this in the summertime.. Go out and purchase this because you wont regret it! And Bath &Body's triple moisture creams really keep my skin feeling soft all day (:

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Morgan C.
Soft Skin!

I love B&BW triple moisture cream! I have it in the Country Girl scent and I love it! I wait a while after shaving and it makes my legs so soft. It's thicker but not too thick and not greasy for me.

Samantha V.

i bought this for my sister for christmas. it smells sooo yummy! it also doesnt run out quick, even if you use it every day. its ultra moisturizing and it'll make your skin smooth and soft. it smells really good. i recommend this for everyone !

Barbie V.
Best Moisturizer I've ever tried

I love this product!!! It is my all time favorite body lotion. It's pretty much the only lotion I will use now. This one smells amazing and so do many of the other scents they have. I especially like the consistency. It is not watery or drippy, but nice and thick and dries very quickly. I hate putting on my clothes when my lotion is still sticky or damp but I don't have a problem with this lotion because the drying time is so quick.

Lola M.
smells soooo good

This is one of my all time faveorites for the summer. It smells like a field of flowers. Definetly suggest checking this out. Because it is a triple cream you are going to be able to smell it all day.

Melissa S.
Long time favorite

I have loved this product for quite a whole now, in my favorite scents from bath and body works. So fresh and yummy smelling, and I ran out of the body lotion a while ago, and need to pick up some more as soon as possible!

Nerissa M.

This is one of my favourites from bath and body works. The packaging caught my eye, and the smell is amazing. It is really moisturizing. I recommend this product to people who like more of a thick lotion, because it is not watery.

Sarah T.
I love this

This stuff smells so good. I got it last Christmas from my aunt (she always gives me awesome smelling products, and this one was one of the best so far) and it was gone by March. It's the best smelling lotion ever! :))