Steph H.

I've been using this for about 2 years, I have chronic eczema and scars everywhere. I put a few drops in my bath and it keeps my skin hydrated and really does help to get rid of my scars. The only problem I've had is the greasy feeling after applying, to stop this I use a sorbolene moisturizer after and it seems to stop the greasy feeling.

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Imani A.
Every skin type is different. . .

Just so everyone knows.. . . the product cannot be blamed for the reaction of your skin. Everyone has a different reaction to different products. For example, I've never had an allergic reaction to ANYTHING until I used the Strivectin Stretch Mark and Wrinkle Reducer. I was itchy all over, but I won't deny that I did feel my skin tightening. So, if you have had a bad reaction, know that it's due to the chemistry of your skin with the product. I feel like Bio-Oil is a wonderful product (especially seeing that I have normal/combination skin)! I reccomend this to a lot of my customers, especially my more mature clientele. I hope this helped a lot! If you ladies or gents have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me!

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Addison S.
Scar GONE!

Late last year I took at terrible vodka filled fall flat on my face. I was drunk walking the streets of Seattle. Needles to say I was found on the side of the road bloody and crying. Two lovely lesbians who i have never seen again rushed me to the ER. They gave me 6 stiches and no care for after, so I scooped this jem up. Let me tell you it has no greasey feeling at all it feels like nothing. With all other scar remedies that are out there you have to glob them on and pray that no one sees the grease trap "healing" on your face. Now I feel less selfconcious that the scar is all most gone from my face. This stuff works and have recomended to all my friends. Pregnancy, ance or scars this is the answer!

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Coco G.

I have only used this product for like half month or so for my previous acne scars..and I can really see the differences!! I have combination skin and it really hydrates well and wont clog pores.

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Sara C.
works on oily skin too!!

i have combination to oily skin, but my skin was very uneven, my cheeks and around my nose were always red. i used a tiny drop of this in conjunction with my moisturizer and it evened out my skin tone without being too oily. i also used it on my arms and it got rid of the dry patches i had there.. all in all this is a great product. definitely worth a try!

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Laura R.
saved my dry skin!

I have dry to very dry at times skin. I live in new england and the constant change in temperature and humidity does not help. I also have acne prone skin so use benzol perozide to treat my acne which dries it out more. I could not find a moisterizer that made the cut and came across this in CVS one day and heard some good things about it on youtube. I love it! It is just what my skin needed. I use it at night after cleansing my face, put like 2-3 drops on a cotton pad and rub on my face, wait about 20-30 min then acne treatment. No dry spots, no redness, no ichy and my skin looks more even. Did not break me out at all. Now that my skin is more hydrated it dont feel i need to use it everyday and only on the really dry spots. Best thing was that its cheap! $9 for the medium size and looks like it will last forever. Depending on your skin type and your need for this product i higly recommend it.

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Hannah B.
Dry Skin, Scar SAVIOR

My mom gave me this after I got shingles. They've helped to soothe my spots and heal my scars really well. Beyond that, my skin suffered a lot when I was ill this year, and I ended up with DRY DRY skin. I put this on my face every night for a while, and it was the ONLY thing that helped. Love this stuff. I put it on everything.

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melissa t.

Not worth the money. It doesn't do anything. If you want fast results, I recommend going to a doctor. My doctor prescribed me some ointments and my scars were gone within 3 days.

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Meagan  M.
After Shaving

I could never find a lotion that would hydrate my legs after shaving. For some reason my legs are the driest part on my body. I tried bio-oil just because I had some around the house and never used it. I found it wonderful for after shaving. I would put small amounts on my legs and it would soften my skin and make my legs feel really good.

Zafira  V.

I have been using this product for about 3 years now for my stretch marks and just started using it for redness around my face. I have notice my stretch marks have faded and almost gone. It has taken a while but I got there in the end. It's different for every skin tone, it might work faster for others and slower for others. I apply it when I come out of the shower and my skin is still hot. For me it works better like that. I use 3 drops on one area and rub in circular motions.

Would recommend 100% to anyone dealing with stretch marks or any scars.