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Drea L.

NYX eyeshadows have always been a favorite of mine - I purchased a 3 Color pallet many years ago and hated the texture and consistency so I stuck with my single pan eyeshadow. I ran out of my Matte black and went to the store only to find that it wasn't there. I picked up the 01 - White/Gray/Black, tested it and fell in love. I don't know what they changed, but this eyeshadow is SO perfect. They're extremely pigmented it's scary, I definitely have to be careful with how much I put on the brush because of how pigmented these are. These are matte, so the white is versatile enough to use a highlighting power. It's almost everything I've ever wanted. The only downside is the cheesy, old logo I despise - "Triple Shadows for Sexy Babe's Eyes Only" It's a little embarrassing, to be honest. But that's just packaging so i can't complain. :D Other than that, LOVE! PS - the only way these will last long is with a PRIMER. Definitely get a primer. :)

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glamourandgloss m.

I love these! I have two I use all the time one is Ceramic its all grey/black and I also have one that is tropical/Yellow/Lime green. I love love love how pigmented they are, they go on real nice and smooth. Seems like they last forever! you also get a lot of product in them. I use the, so often and I still have yet to see pan. It's nice how the colors go together so well. The one with the brighter colors look amazing when you use all three, I get compliments when I wear them. They give you the perfect smokey eye with little to no effort.

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Alice L.
Great Price!
Photo of product included with review by Alice L.

This review is for the NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio in Ceramic (TS36) and Sweet Lagoon/Aqua/Ocean (TS23).

I'm quite impressed with this trio palette from NYX. It's one of my first purchases after trying out my friend's Ceramic palette and couldn't believe how pigmented the colors were for a mere $8. It's my go-to palette for a nighttime smokey eye look. The only qualm I had about the product, hence a half star deduction, is the packaging. It's not wise to keep it in your purse because I had it break on me and everything in there were stained with black shadow. [But that didn't stop me from restocking another Ceramic palette, this time keeping it in my makeup box!]

I used the Sweet Lagoon/Aqua/Ocean (TS23) palette for a photoshoot (picture). You can see how rich the color is and it was applied over a primed face with foundation and no use of eye primer.

In all honesty, this is a great purchase and something I will have on the top of my NYX Cosmetics list of makeup to get. You can even snatch it up for half the price when they do major sales throughout the year!

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Tia B.
Very nice product and its reasonably priced

I just came into a quite a few trios and find them to be very pigmented and great combination. I usually use them with other products and have yet to do a look using just the trio because I usually use more than just 3 colors however with the trios I have I am finding that I don't have to buy shadows for a while. The texture is very velvety and I am loving that. There are no shimmers to me, I find them to have a more satin texture, at least the ones that I have.

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Arie C.

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I've never been able to get these shadows to work well for me. They swatch so pigmented and great, but as soon as I try to use them in a make up look, it just doesn't work. Some of the shadows seem so flaky and chalky, and others take so much effort to pack on and show up. There are individual colors in the palettes I like, but I've never bought a palette and loved every single color. =/

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Kristina H.
Not too shabby!

I want to start off by saying I love the size of the pans. For the price, it is fantastic, 8 bucks for 3 shadows! I have to commend NYX for making such pigmented products as well. The color selection for the trios are always phenomenal. My palette reminds me of Barbie, but I am also interested in the Anti Diva Palette and the Casablanca Palette.

I do have a few gripes about the product. I notice that even with a primer the shadows fade quite a bit throughout the day. I do not know if it is just because of the colors, since two of them are more on the pastel side but if I know it's going to be a longer day I usually stay away from these shadows.

I also noticed that Hot Pink (which is *not* hot pink...) feels a bit chalky in consistency where the other two (Cherry and Cool Blue) feel much more velvety and are MUCH richer in their color pay offs.

Over all, I think that buying the trios are worth the money, especially if you are interested in some bolder colors and do not want to spend too much on brands that are more pricey.

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Sarah Louise H.

you really have to be careful with these trios in my opinion. I have the In The Woods trio and I absolutely love it, i use it almost everyday. However, i also purchased the Black/White/Grey trio and the Cherry/Hot Pink/Cool Blue trio and was less than impressed. They can be fairly chalky and are some of the colours are lacking pigment. The black is pigmented, but thats pretty much the only one. I would still like to try some other trios but if only 1 of the 3 i've tried have been great, im worried i might be wasting my money but i will probably buy a few... im an addict.. and they're inexpensive :D

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Simera H.

I bought a bunch of these trios about 2 years ago and I was not impressed with their quality at all, They are very chalky and not pigmented in my opinion. The NYX single eyeshadows are 100 times better.

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Daria S.
Very Pigmented, All you need for a neutral everyday eye look

All NYX eyeshadow colors are very pigmented and good quality. I reach for this trio in Dune quite a bit, it has every color you need for a neutral everyday eye look. I sometimes use the lightest color in this trio all over my lid with a primer, and then I am out the door. xoxo, XCgal98 youtube beauty vlogger

Pamela D.

The formula of these has absolutely improved over the years! I used to not like some of them (the light purples) because of pigmentation issues, but I find that that isn't the case anymore. I wish I had more of these! I threw away a palette a year or so ago and I'm kicking myself for it. I also had Golden/Rust/Walnut and I loved that gold color. I don't have an issue with staying power for these, though sometimes they can have a bit of fallout. I recommend applying these with a primer. I use UDPP, and sometimes a NYX jumbo pencil to supplement the color.