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Hard to work with

I like that this liner is super black and doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day, but it's tricky to work with. I prefer liners with brush tips for more control but this one has a stiff, almost marker-like tip. I'll still use it to fill in my liner but I'll be using a different one to outline.

The only primer that works for me

I've tried my share of primers, from back when Victoria's Secret carried makeup, to Loreal to Yves Saint Laurent. This is the only primer that I noticed a difference with. My makeup lasts all day and doesn't break up or look patchy.

Great daily multipurpose concealer

I use this concealer for my undereye area (dark circles and highlighting) and also as a spot concealer. The coverage is really nice, although it can be tricky sometimes. I find that if I blend it for too long with my beautyblender I lose some of the coverage and my undereye circles can peek through. It wears very well, and stays on from the time I apply it to the time I take it off at night. Would definitely repurchase.

Not for me

I bought these because my regular makeup wipes were out of stock. I'm not a fan. The smell is bothersome and they're not wet enough for me, it almost felt like I was rubbing a damp paper towel across my face. They also did a poor job at removing my waterproof mascara. I'm sure these might work for someone else so I'll probably give them away. But they're just not for me.

Exactly What It Sounds Like

I wasn't sure what I thought about this foundation, but after trying it for a couple of weeks I think I've formed a pretty firm opinion. This foundation is everything that it says it is. It's light and airy; very liquid and runny. When I put it on my face, it feels like I'm not even putting anything there. We all know the classic "foundation feeling." The first time I applied it with a brush it honestly felt like I was just rubbing the brush on my face. Because it's so pigmented, it ALSO provides medium-to-full coverage. Not a lot of foundations can claim that. One layer, I would say, is medium coverage. But it's so easily buildable. Add a second layer and you've got full coverage. I use 3-5 pumps (depending on whether or not my skin is behaving) to get full coverage.

My ONLY complaint about this foundation is its longevity. I initially tested it through the day with nothing else on my face. At the end of the day I noticed it had become kind of patchy, and some of my problem areas began to show through. However, this was easily fixed by adding a primer (specifically Smashbox Photo Finish Original). Slap that on underneath before application and you're golden.

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Stays on through long work days in the southern heat

This is legitimately the best gel eyeliner I've ever used. I have a couple other liquid liners and gel liners that I would alternate using. I would apply them, go to work, and get in my car after 5 hours for a lunch break only to see my liner smudged or flaking. The inglot liner not only held up in the humidity, heat and hard labor of my job up until my lunch break, but also went until 9 hours in when I got home it still looked as if I had just applied it. I'll attach a picture. The consistency is so smooth and creamy, I just barely touched my brush to the product and made an opaque black line.

Not for me

I hate the smell of these and they didn't really take off my makeup. They also dried out mid-cleanse. I did NOT get these wipes for sensitive skin, however. My skin is quite normal and tolerable, I just wanted them for makeup removal before bed - so they may just not work for me in particular.

Favorite Foundation

I have normal-to-combination skin. I use this foundation everyday, it's my HG. I got a sample of this along with the Kat Von D Lock It and the Urban Decay Naked foundation, and I ended up buying the full size of the MUFE. I have since purchased another bottle. That's a big deal for me, and says a lot about a foundation, because I'm a foundation junkie and always looking for new ones to try. I'm pretty sure I've never repurchased a foundation before, I tend to pick out new ones instead - but regardless of the $42 price tag, I have bought a second bottle of this.

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Holy Grail Concealer

I ordered this online and got really lucky because I wasn't sure what color I would need, but when it arrived it was a perfect match. It's comparable to Benefit's Boiing concealer (which was my favorite for a long time), the differences are that the OCC concealer is $2 more, you get 8 grams of product instead of 3, it's easier to work with, and the shade range is 110% better. I can't say enough about the OCC concealer. It blends like a dream, it's SO easy to work with, very creamy but not too heavy, perfect for the undereye area or blemishes and discoloration. The ONLY thing I don't like about it, which is why I gave it 4.5 stars, is the $20 price tag.

My New Favorite Blush

I recently bought the shade Luster, a pretty apricot color with gold shimmer. At first, I guess I just wasn't applying enough because it didn't really show up on my skin and I thought I had just wasted $30. Upon further experimentation, though, we have a winner! This is now one of my staple blushes. It looks so gorgeous on my skin and it's not too BAM in your face for everyday use. Cannot say enough good things about this blush.

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