Kat Von D

Tattoo Liner

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Erica W.

This one of my go-to eyeliners always. The brush isn't felt tip like the other one or other brands that usually use felt tip (although I like some of those too). This brush is really cool because its a bunch of tiny bristles that taper into an ultra-fine point, making liner application very sharp and smooth. I also use this liner to clean up the lines when I work with a gel-pot liner, since my forte with liner seems to be liquid.

Kaysey L.
Hard to work with

I like that this liner is super black and doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day, but it's tricky to work with. I prefer liners with brush tips for more control but this one has a stiff, almost marker-like tip. I'll still use it to fill in my liner but I'll be using a different one to outline.

Macy  D.

Ive given up on finding the perfect eyeliner until I tried this. This felt has enough product on it without having to repeat the layers to darken the color. It can last through out the day without reapplying. It doesn't smudge which was a plus for me. Ive tried a lot of different eyeliner products from the really cheap drugstore brands, gel eyeliner, to all the expensive ones. Im glad Sephora offered this as a sample when I first tried it. Im hooked. I even tried more liners just to see if there was something even better than this, and I always end up back to this. And on another note, it does last for a long time.

Marj P.
I love it but there is one dislike

I got the eyeliner on Christmas Eve (present to myself) and it has already run out of product! I was not impressed at all. I only used it once a day; for I ever messed up my eyeliner I would either fix it with concealer or use a wipe to fix it. So it was not me using it too much, it just ran out! I believe the price at Sephora is $21 and I just can't afford to do that every month. I didn't let it dry out either, whenever I wasn't using it the cap was on. If the pen had more product, I would definitely repurchase.

Nicole A.
the best

Kat Von D, she is just amazing I'm a huge fan of her and her work as well, I feel like her products are sometimes overlooked and honestly every single product I have tried is some of the best in quality and performance. This liner is super black, which I love the blacker the better in my opinion. It glides on even and stays put as long as you want it to!! I don't use top liner as much anymore due to an issue with my left eye but when I do this is and always will be my HG Of Felt Tip liners (:

Mariah V.

Omg my number on eyeliner! I absolutely love this. I give me the perfect wing look and stays on for the longest time repurchased this so many times. It's a must have(:

Mary Q.
Amazing Liner, Wears Well, Just wish It Didn't Dry Out So Quickly...

Overall, this liner is amazing. Good, rich color, extremely long-lasting, easy to take off at the end of the day. Honestly, this is my all time favorite liner.

But, to be fair, this liner does dry out after two or three months (or at least they do for me and how much I use it), which is something you may want to consider if you're looking for a liner that will last longer than that. Personally, I love this stuff so much that I still think it's worth it.

Fair warning, this liner is SUPER precise. It took me a couple days to get used to just how precise it is, but once you're used to it it's everything you need and more.

Mariagracia V.

I tried many liquid and cream eye-liners, neither was what i expected. I Heard so much about this eyeliner that i had to give it a try. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It is very pigmented and smooth, and the applicator is so easy to use. Wouldnt change it for any other

Kitty K.
Much better out there for much cheaper

I really wanted to love this eyeliner, but it is a waste of money in my opinion. I do my cat eyes much quicker using my Inglot gel liner and Billy B brush in #9. I really wanted to love this liner but I don't think there's any justice.

I always read about how it never smudges, stays put, super black, etc. Personally, I prefer Wet n Wild over this. To begin with, I have dry skin so smudging is rarely an issue. This is the only liquid eyeliner that I have seen smudge with little to no effort. The color fades through out the day so I find myself touching up. Wearing it once false lashes are applied also looks very weird, you can see where the band is. I ended up going back over with my Inglot gel liner which is half the price and triple the quality.

I definitely will not purchase these liners again, the only convenience I have is the shape of the felt tip.

Cristine E.
best liquid liner!

ive never had any luck with finding a good liquid pen like eyeliner. All the ones ive tried werent black enough and when i would try to make thick opaque lines it was always streaky. But this liner is awesome! even with just one swipe its so black with no streaks and it lasts for hours!