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This makes my skin feel great, and It is fantastic that it has an SPF. I stole my mom's, and I can only use it during the summer, but it is gorgeous! It is far too expensive for what it is, but the product itself is so gorgeous

This mascara is so fantastic! I don't even have to curl my eyelashes with it. While it is a wet formula, it does not make my lashes stick together, and it does not flake off!

This mineral veil makes your skin look radiant! It gives you a glow, and it makes you look so healthy! This works best as a setting powder, but I find that you can use this as a highlight powder to achieve the same effect!

One of the most gorgeous bronzers

This bronzer is fabulous! It makes you look so sun kissed, and it looks so natural! This bronzer makes your face glow. It's perfect for spring and summertime! You can even use it as an eyeshadow, and it still looks gorgeous!


I needed a mascara, and I thought I would try this. Now, this was a couple years ago, so they may have updated the formula. When I got home, I tried it on, and after 1 coat, my eyelashes were clumped together, every time i blinked, they stuck together, the formula smelled like paint, and I could not remove the mascara without tearing out a few of my eyelashes. This was the worst purchase ever, and I swore to never return to this awful mascara! I would recommend their Colossal mascara, it's much better, and it is much much friendlier to your eyes

It's ok

The color looks pretty in the tube, but I don't love it on my face. It makes my lips look super dry, and I almost look dead. I recommend a different color than the one I had

I had a 5 pack of these, and the colors are gorgeous, but they have a weird consistency. They look funny when you top them with eyeshadow, and they do crease and melt off during the day, even with a primer. My theory is that they dry out on your eyes.

This powder is great for those who are just starting out, and it is one of my favorite powders ever! The coverage is great, it makes your skin feel smooth, and it looks like you aren't wearing any makeup! This was my first powder, and it is by far my most favorite. I recommend the matte version over the original though.

I miss this!

I used to own this palette, and I absolutely adored it! I used it daily, and It was my prized possession. Unfortunately, I had to throw it away due to a tragic mishap at an Ulta, but if I ever come across it again, I will pick it up!


These can be a great drugstore dupe for the Mac Paint Pot! These hold just as long, and they provide gorgeous color!! I just wish I used mine more. I recommend getting a brighter color than Tough as Taupe because they're better for daily use!

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