Too Faced

In Your Dreams Makeup Collection


Julia K.
I miss this!

I used to own this palette, and I absolutely adored it! I used it daily, and It was my prized possession. Unfortunately, I had to throw it away due to a tragic mishap at an Ulta, but if I ever come across it again, I will pick it up!

Tynea T.
love it

Not only is the packaging super cute...the colors compliment my skin tube very well! Its also nice having almost everything you need in one palette you need to pack light :)

Marjorie O.
Thanks to you TOO FACED !! <3

I was walking down a street in Penang, wondering what would people think about my makeup today to shopping as it was my first time using a TOO FACED product. It was dreamy and I couldn't believe that the reflection on the window was my face. TOO FACED In Your Dreams Makeup really made me feel light and free that I could float to the air... A passerby came to me and said that I was breathtakingly beautiful. I really thank TOO FACED that my day was brightened up as I look natural and magical at the same time. It was the first time in my whole life as a stranger complimented my looks. A makeup will turn out to be good if the person has good skills and of course a great makeup. TOO FACED has turned me into someone that is more confident and proud of myself. Thank you TOO FACED!! I love you!

Lauren L.

Too Faced always has the cutest things, and I'm a fan of this palette especially. Not only is the packaging adorable, the colors are gorgeous and the little guides are so cute! It's a good kit for someone who's just starting to play with makeup because it has everything in it- eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Alyssa N.

I love this palette! The possibilities are endless and you can create a lot of romantic looks with this. My favorite being the third smokier look. I reccomend it and even bought my best friend it for Christmas! The color applies really well and no sticky gloss!

Nikki B.
Perfect for beginners

I'm really liking this pallet. The shadows are really pigmented and velvety soft. The lip colors are sheer and glossy but not sticky. I like how it gives 3 complete looks and how to create them. I think this would be a perfect pallet for someone new to makeup. My only qualm is the pallet is all shimmer or metallic eyeshadows and could of benefited from a matte shade or two.

Angela s.

I really like this palette for multiple reasons. One is that the whole look comes in 1 palette eyes, cheeks, and lips. Two is that it shows you how to create the look if your just starting out. Three the colors are very pigmented. Four the colors lasts all day. And five they apply real nice.