Beauty Product Reviews

These eyeshadows are super pigmented !! They last forever , and I love the look they give to my eyes !! Definetly one of my favorite eyeshadow brands !! And $6 is a steal for the quality of these eyeshadows !!

I really like this product for those days when your running super late and just need to throw some makeup on ! They shadows are really pigmented , but they do crease ! I would recommend a primer !!

I've repurchased this product twice ! Its so blendable , and creamy ! You can put as much of this on your face as you want , it will cover everything , and look like your skin ! It stays on until you wash it off , and only cost $4 !!

Why in the world do people spend money on high end mascaras when this one is in stores?!?! It lengthes , and makes your lashes look amazing ! And the best part ? NO CLUMPS!! This is my most reached for mascara , by far !

If i could only have one makeup product , it would be this by far !! Its too thick for under eyes , but this covers any blemish or imperfection in its way ! It is thick , but its not cakey at all !! I literally could right a book about how much i like this product !! It is so worth the money and lasts forever !

This is my go to under eye concealer ! Its so light but has great coverage !! I love how creamy it is ! For blemishes , I would recommend a thicker formula , like Studio Sculp by MAC !

We all have those lazy days when we dont feel like doing anything with our lives . And we want to wear shorts , skirts , etc. This product is what I use when those days come ! Why? Because you can shave without your legs being wet ! It's formulated to be used on non-wet skin ! So you can wear flattering outfits without taking 30 minutes in the shower shaving !

I have used 2 bottles completely up of this and absolutely love it !! I feel like the coverage is good for a BB cream , it looks super natural , and has very good lasting power . However , if your willing to spend a couple extra dollars , the Garnier BB cream is a lot better !!

I love this product !! I dont use this everyday , I actually use it more as a spot treatment on a pimple or area of skin that wont go away ! It works so well , and I usually notice a difference the next day ! I will always have this product in my skincare collection !


This product is literally my prized possession . I have gone through 3 tubes of this , and will repurchase this for the rest of my life ! If i could only have 1 beauty product , out of my makeup , and hair products . This product would be the one I couldnt live without ! It clears my acne , cleanses my skin , and prevents pimples that are coming up ! It makes my skinlook so healthy ! And it is by far my favorite skincare product !

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