St. Ives

Green Tea Scrub


Anthony M.
Good Stuff!

I use this product to exfoliate my skin. I breakout easily as I have quite sensitive skin. It gets the job done. I like how my skin feels afterwards. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Highly recommend!

Jaelyn F.

I love this product !! I dont use this everyday , I actually use it more as a spot treatment on a pimple or area of skin that wont go away ! It works so well , and I usually notice a difference the next day ! I will always have this product in my skincare collection !

Piia V.
Perfect exfoliant for sensitive skin.

My skin is ultra sensitive and I've been looking for skin care products that don't make my face freak out, and this is one of the few products I've found that works best for me. It's totally affordable and that's a plus as well. The exfoliating feeling was not too harsh, I didn't feel like I was scrubbing my face off until it was raw, but I still felt a super deep clean and my skin is noticeably smoother and less dried out. It's gentle enough to be used more than one or twice a week, too. I have noticed a little redness reduction but not as much as I thought I would. But I have no qualms about that. Overall this is the perfect exfoliant for me and I constantly buy it.

Ashley H.
I love this product I used it for years

I have used this product for years and I love it. I only use it when I wash my hair which I do not do every day. this product works great and takes off all of my makeup and dead skin and leaves my face feeling clean without the tight feeling. I also use this whenever I see a bunch of dry skin around my nose to help it. I have very sensitive oily/combination skin so if I am not careful my face will really break out resulting in a tomato face and not able to put anything on it for days and this doesnt do that at all. I do however recommend that you shouldnt exfoliate your face every day to give it a break but once or twice a week depending on your skin is fine and I really love that it helps with redness which I have and acne which I tend to get ever now and then. love this product and will continue to use

Inspired Artistry L.
Micro cuts in the skin

Please, i understand that a product like this is cheap but you only live with one skin your whole life. Take care of your skin with products that are actually good for your skin. The way the granuals in this scrub are shaped, they are not nicely rounded which is how they should be. The small jagged edges will leave slices, tiny slices, resulting in dehydration and water evaporation with long time use resulting in redness, possible worse breakout, a compromised barrier function and leading to premature aging. Where salicylic is wonderful for blackheads and is better to use on sensitive skins there are far more better choices out there like exfoliating masks. With senstive skin you shouldnt be using a scrub anyways. Your barrier function is already compromised to begin with and even washing your face under the water in the shower is too abrasive. You have small capillaries under the skin and sensitive skins have a thinner skin, you must be extremely careful now so your skin will look better on in life. please try gentle cream exfoliant from deramlogica. it will change your life. the product also lasts forever.

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Meaghan S.

My skin is very sensitive and I was hasitante about trying a new products as my skin likes to break out after trying a new product, but this scrub is gentle enough on my skin for me to use once a week only, if I do break out i only use it on the certain spots, not all over, i picked this is for about $2.00 when it came on sale, and I like the fact that it has green tea in it too, im not too fond of the acne medication in it, as i dont need it at all, I normally break out with products with acne in them, but this is definately a product i will continue to repurchase

Kiana S.

I had been breaking out a lot on my forehead and around my nose so I decided to give this scrub a try for some exfoliation. I'm stoked to say that this stuff really works! After about 2 uses, I started seeing a difference and within a month the spots were gone! Definitely a repurchase! Overall, it's not too harsh, a great mask and scrub,and it fights blemishes as well as preventing them!

Hannah A.
Definitely buy again, very effective on my skin.

Honestly, I wasn't careful about not picking at my acne when I was in high school. Left with discolored scarring on both cheeks, I'm stuck with oily skin that's super high-maintenance and an uneven complexion to boot. However, my boyfriend recommended St. Ives to clear my acne and the scarring as he had borderline cystic acne before. I was a bit reluctant as my mother was allergic to the apricot scrubs and scrubs in general leave me red and itchy or they don't work at all, but I figured that the green tea scrub would be worth a shot. I checked a few reviews and bought this and the cleanser.

It works.

A month later, and my scarring has lightened, my skin doesn't get oily as often and I don't breakout as much or as badly anymore. I'm very pleased with the results! The granules are finer in comparison to the apricot scrubs, so it's not as harsh. I can definitely use this daily. In fact, I use it twice daily. My skin feels super smooth after using it, and within the first three days - the scars weren't as raised or discolored. However, I would recommend a good toner+moisturizer combo as the scrub can leave your face feeling a little tight. Overall, I'd say I'd buy this again and it's slowly becoming my HG of scrubs. No other scrub has done this for me.

Julia P.

This is good for acne prone or sensitive skin because IT IS NOT TOO HARSH! Which is so hard to find for something that has acne treating properties. The smell is pleasant and the texture is sandy. The only bad thing is that unless I use it in the shower I can't get all the sandy particles off my face just over the sink. I used it for three weeks because I had the travel size and I did notice that my acne was healing pretty well and I didn't have as bad hormonal breakouts. That could all just be a coincidence because it was only one month basically.

LBD Girl s.
Swear by it

If I ever do find my skin is stressed or I am having a little breakout I turn to this product. It exfoliates my skin and really soothes any area that is spot covered without drying out my skin. The smell is lovely as well. The only thing I know some people struggle with is the texture and green colour.