St. Ives

Green Tea Scrub


Cristina O.
Puuurty good stuff!

Ok so here's the low down!

- Good exfoliator for normal skin to oily skin ( does have less salicylic acid than most products that are made for clearing skin so it makes it gentler and therefore I assume a person with pretty normal skin could use this for brightening their skin up) - My favorite is STILL the Apricot Scrub for blemishes and blackheads; I feel like this disolves faster in H2O BUT I still love this. Nonetheless the Green Tea version is more useful to use more often ( ex 4 times a week vs 2 times a week with apricot scrub) because it's less abbrasive to the skin. With that SAID I pick the Apricot Scrub because I can exfoliate my chest and back area too and keep everything smooth; the green tea version only really works for the face area! LOVE all st ives products though.

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Inspired Artistry L.
Micro cuts in the skin

Please, i understand that a product like this is cheap but you only live with one skin your whole life. Take care of your skin with products that are actually good for your skin. The way the granuals in this scrub are shaped, they are not nicely rounded which is how they should be. The small jagged edges will leave slices, tiny slices, resulting in dehydration and water evaporation with long time use resulting in redness, possible worse breakout, a compromised barrier function and leading to premature aging. Where salicylic is wonderful for blackheads and is better to use on sensitive skins there are far more better choices out there like exfoliating masks. With senstive skin you shouldnt be using a scrub anyways. Your barrier function is already compromised to begin with and even washing your face under the water in the shower is too abrasive. You have small capillaries under the skin and sensitive skins have a thinner skin, you must be extremely careful now so your skin will look better on in life. please try gentle cream exfoliant from deramlogica. it will change your life. the product also lasts forever.

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Anthony M.
Good Stuff!

I use this product to exfoliate my skin. I breakout easily as I have quite sensitive skin. It gets the job done. I like how my skin feels afterwards. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Highly recommend!

Piia V.
Perfect exfoliant for sensitive skin.

My skin is ultra sensitive and I've been looking for skin care products that don't make my face freak out, and this is one of the few products I've found that works best for me. It's totally affordable and that's a plus as well. The exfoliating feeling was not too harsh, I didn't feel like I was scrubbing my face off until it was raw, but I still felt a super deep clean and my skin is noticeably smoother and less dried out. It's gentle enough to be used more than one or twice a week, too. I have noticed a little redness reduction but not as much as I thought I would. But I have no qualms about that. Overall this is the perfect exfoliant for me and I constantly buy it.

Ashley H.
I love this product I used it for years

I have used this product for years and I love it. I only use it when I wash my hair which I do not do every day. this product works great and takes off all of my makeup and dead skin and leaves my face feeling clean without the tight feeling. I also use this whenever I see a bunch of dry skin around my nose to help it. I have very sensitive oily/combination skin so if I am not careful my face will really break out resulting in a tomato face and not able to put anything on it for days and this doesnt do that at all. I do however recommend that you shouldnt exfoliate your face every day to give it a break but once or twice a week depending on your skin is fine and I really love that it helps with redness which I have and acne which I tend to get ever now and then. love this product and will continue to use

Katie M.

I have beat my skin up a lot, and it isn't until I do something gentle that I realize how much of a bully I am to my skin. I like this because of how fine the abrasives are. I think because they are finer you get a better scrub and it's gentler. when I use this my redness goes down and my skin feels smooth without being over-dried or roughed up. I love this scrub and will probably never use anything else

Star C.
Love it

I love this product! I've been using it for about two months now and I thought I'd give it a go because they say green tea is good for you and I've loved the product since day one. Because I'm darker, I don't have to worry about redness and it doesn't dry my skin out. After using this green tea scrub, my face feels clean, fresh and rejuvenated. You just have to be careful about the little grains getting in your eyes.

Liz R.
soft, bright, smooth skin!

This product makes my skin look better than ever! When I first tried it, I immediately loved the consistency. It's thick and creamy, but with lots of very small exfoliators. It reminded me of when I was looking for ways to smooth some small bumps on my skin and a site recommended baking soda. The texture of a baking soda paste was very much like the scrub, except the green tea smells much better and feels good on your skin :) unlike larger exfoliators, I find this gently polishes the outer layer of the skin all over. It leaves it smooth and soft, and also brighter. it also helped clear the little bumps, and any rough patches on my face. I love the texture of my skin now, and would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new exfoliator.

Taylor R.
Amazing for Sensitive Skin!

I have found this product to be a lifesaver. I bought this product on my way home from work one day just because it said "Green Tea" on it. The first day I used it, I noticed a difference. For me, I have extremely sensitive skin. I always have and it is hard to find products that actually make a difference. I have been using this baby for a while now and my face is clear 98% of the time. (The occasional break outs I consider normal.) It is great for exfoliating, and is hypoallergenic, which is a must for me. It leaves me skin bright without making it oily. It's also anti-inflammatory, so all the red on my cheeks are virtually disappeared. I highly recommend this to those who have sensitive skin or are just looking for a gentle exfoliator.

Kao Yee V.

I love this smell. It give my face a clean look and controls my acne. It brighten up my face. I use it before bedtime and in the morning. Great if your going out at night, use it before you apply your makeup on because it'll give you a refresh start of the night.