Studio Sculpt Concealer


Lisa C.
Good but not for blemishes
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This concealer is a thick consistency and it not good for covering up pimples or any kind of imperfections. It is however great for the under eye area,. The thickness of the concealer melts into you skin and it will color just about any dark eye circles, apply it with you finger if you afraid it's to creamy and that will help to melt it faster. Also if you need to they work great as an eye shadow base.

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Jaelyn F.

If i could only have one makeup product , it would be this by far !! Its too thick for under eyes , but this covers any blemish or imperfection in its way ! It is thick , but its not cakey at all !! I literally could right a book about how much i like this product !! It is so worth the money and lasts forever !

Arlene jessica J.

For years i have tired to find a concealer that would work for me. I have very dark under eye circles and uneven skin tone. At a recent MAC workshop the make up artist used this on my skin over the Studio FX foundation and i watched my dark cirlces disappear!!! I was so amazed by the product, i bought a pot the next day and have neverlooked back. It is the best product for my skin. The trick is to get it a bit warm before applying as it can be a bit cakey and u need to be careful when blending it. Use a very small concealer brush and dab with your little finger to set it well. Dont rub it or you will have such a mess. Best to set it with some powder to stop it from running or smudging. Full proof, it works in the hottest of climates. I should know! Here its currently summer in south africa and this MAC product works very well :-)

Staci F.

Greattt concealer! especially for hiding dark circles! It also makes a great base for eyeshadow.


This hides the blemishes the best!! but for under eye circle, it is a bit harder to blend since it is a gel form

Delaney P.
I love it :)

I have terrible dark circles under my eyes, and this works great! I'm quite white.... Nc 15 and lots of concealers are always to orange of too pink for me, and this was perfect! :) The only thing i didn't like it its takes a while to blend. But iv gotten use to it. I use this stuff every day, and its lasted me a long time :)

Katharina W.
very dry

if you have dry skin like me, please buy one that's not so dry....I'm mixing it with a body butter now, so it gets creamier....but the coverage is amazing and I have mine for a year now and use it everyday and still have half of it left..

Itesha M.

I actually like this concealer alot. I use it everyday as an undereye concealer a couple shades lighter than my skin color because I like the bright undereye look. I find it works better without a primer. For some reason it sticks to my skin better and doesn't crease. I like that it doesn't budge because my skin can get a little oily

Lynn R.

A little definitely goes a long way. I need to use an under eye cream or moisturizer when using this otherwise it settles into fine lines and makes my eye area look like my grandma's. I've had it for 8 months now and I still have plenty left. It's definitely opaque. Use with a fluffy brush not the typical Concealer brush

Boss L.
i like! but...

a little goes a long way, and it seems to last for a very long time, but i dont like using it in the summer because it just melts and i get it all over my clothes when its hot.