Rimmel London

Match Perfection Concealer


MacKenzie B.
Fair 125, LOVE

I just bought this product recently, within the last few days. I absolutely love it. Previously I was using the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Concealer, and I needed a new one. I heard lots about this concealer in particular and decided to give it a go. I love it. Most of the concealers I have bought have had tip applicators but this one has a built in brush which isn't really a bid deal to me. I've just been brushing it around my under eyes and blending with my fingers or my separate every day concealer brush. The formula isn't too liquidy like I've previously experienced but also not too thick and doesn't get cakey. I would say it has a light to medium coverage, but closer to a medium. I use this mostly under my eyes and to highlight certain parts of my face but I wouldn't necessarily recommend for blemishes. All in all, probably the best under eye concealer I have purchased yet, definitely would recommend!

Nani W.

great for highlighting! it brightens me instantly and makes my highlighting come out really good. its not too heavy or thick. if you apply the right amount its great

Vimisha M.
really cool

it blends reallly ncely but ig your the type of person that has big stuff to cover up yhen this wont be for you but overall its great dose what itsays

Aisha I.

it is able to highlight and conceal at the same time. Gives you light to medium coverage without l;looking too cakey! it is best for under eye area for a brighten look! Apply a small quantity (small goes a long way) and let it set itself! GOOD LUCK !

Katrina L.
Best Concealer!

I've gone through 2 tubes so far! Love it! It does run out pretty fast, though, so that kinda sucks. Not cakey or oily! You do need to powder it, but I have a matte obsession lol.

Whiskey Y.

...it's suppose to be non drying, but it can be. Also it kind of fades out through the day, which I guess happens with mostly of the stuff. I love this more in the summer, and in the winter not so much. Coverage - light to medium.

Heather I.
Love it!

I discovered this concealer a couple of years ago and I love it. It works great whether used on eye circles, scars, blemishes, discoloration, and is lightweight and non-greasy. The best part is it the skin tone matching. No need for several different types of concealer.

Isabel M.
Loved it!!

I use this to cover up my herd irate dark circles that worsen with sleepless nights! It works great with a little bit of powder over it! I use this almost every time I have a late night! It makes me look awake and refreshed.

Kira S.
Blemishes and undereye circles, begone!

This concealer is wonderful, especially since I have horrible acne. It really blends in with my skin and looks natural, not to mention covers everything really well. I don't even have to use a color correcter under my eyes when I use this concealer. And you can't beat the price. :)

Sierra B.
Great for undereye area

I don't really like this for like red spots, and blemishes, but it works awesome as a undereye concealer. It doesn't cake, looks natural, and best of all, is well priced. If you have not tried this yet, pick one up!