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If your looking to begin a kit or even just a small fun collection BH is wonderful because of all the options you have for a super reasonable price. The 120 palette was the first thing I had ever bought to start my kit, and after two years of makeup im still using it and loving it. The colors are nice and bold when packed on and wicked bright when a white base is applied. Remember to prime the lid although I have never experienced creasing from these shadows. I have also used some of the colors and blushes! :) have fun with this palette because it gives you such a wide range for some awesome play time.

For Dry Chapped skin WITHOUT a BREAKOUT

A wonderful, silky body butter. This can feel a little heavy if you like a lighter moisturizer. If this is so try the shea whip body lotion from the body shop. Its absolutly my favorite. Melts right in. But the body butter is great for after exfoliation. After the dead skin cells are removed and your out of the shower/bath, pat this skin so its just a little moist, then go right in with the body butter. Massage it in and the skin will suck it right up. Wonderful. I like to use this 3 times a week after exfoliating, especially on elbows and knees. And then a lighter lotion for the rest of the week. But this is great if your worried about breakouts.

Dissolves Every Spec of Dirt

The way this precleanse works is the genius of an oil. Oils are attracted to other oils, so once placed and massaged on the skin the oil starts holding on to dirt and other oils of the skin such as makeup and sweat. Yes, this also includes waterproof mascara. Once massaged in nicely add warm water and it will emulsify, causing the oil to start to dissolve. You will notice this happen because the oil turns into a milky white. The Precleanse is also amazing for every single skin type because it is made with essential oils and not fragranced with par fums. Lavender, lemon, chamomile fight to help barrier function and since all essential oils are antibacterial, fungul, and microbial, this is a skin ph balance and!!! a toner in one. So now that the skin is completely naked and clean, you can cleanse with you regular cleanser allowing it to act like a treatment. Have acne? now your acne cleanser with work twice as good with a clean slate. Precleanse is my favorite cleanser. Perfect for alone use as well.

Cheap, Makes a great base for pigment.

Great for looks that involve what ever color, if you want it more deep or vibrant. However I did find that you need a really nice primer because since this is a creamy consistency it will set greasy on the eyelid after a while. But Milk is awesome for natural highlighting on the face and to use underneath bright colors.

Wonderful drugstore mascara but does clump over time

I absolutely loved this mascara for the time I had it. Everyone would always ask why type of fake lashes I had on! Awesome. However after about a month it started getting clumpy but with oxygen getting into the tube when you open it, its understandable and definitely worth the money! pair this with an eyelash curler and bam! gorgeous full dramatic lashes :)

Micro cuts in the skin

Please, i understand that a product like this is cheap but you only live with one skin your whole life. Take care of your skin with products that are actually good for your skin. The way the granuals in this scrub are shaped, they are not nicely rounded which is how they should be. The small jagged edges will leave slices, tiny slices, resulting in dehydration and water evaporation with long time use resulting in redness, possible worse breakout, a compromised barrier function and leading to premature aging. Where salicylic is wonderful for blackheads and is better to use on sensitive skins there are far more better choices out there like exfoliating masks. With senstive skin you shouldnt be using a scrub anyways. Your barrier function is already compromised to begin with and even washing your face under the water in the shower is too abrasive. You have small capillaries under the skin and sensitive skins have a thinner skin, you must be extremely careful now so your skin will look better on in life. please try gentle cream exfoliant from deramlogica. it will change your life. the product also lasts forever.

Simple and genius- great for chest acne, back acne.

I have worked with Dermalogica products for over a year. The brand has many toners to choose from for different reasons but the multi toner is good for basically everyone. A refreshing spray to balance the acid layer of the skin to keep bacteria from spreading and also infuse the skin with antioxidants to help repair damage on a cellular level. Plus if you have body acne...get out of the shower, pat dry, and spray this all over. wonderful, and it helps so much.

Cheap and reliable

I USE THIS EVERYDAY. and still it is always consistent and never sheds. Plus you can't beat the price. soft like it should be and overall a go to brush, you need on in your makeup kit.

True to what it promises

Its worth the buy because it does everything it says it will. A beautiful highlight and if you are a blush girl its perfect and works with pretty much anything. I have also used this for my inner corners of the eye and below the brow on natural looks.

Leaves micro cuts in the skin

I know I know, so a scrub once a week will make your skin feel like magic, but the truth is if you don't ever really use stuff on your skin this will feel like magic because you have no idea what else is out there and any scrub is better than no scrub. The apricot scurb is tiny granules that will slice the skin. A scrub needs perfect round beads in order not to harm the skin. You won't realize this but on a cellular level you are doing damage and thats the last thing we want. Plus this won't do much for blackheads, you want an acid for that not a scrub. A scrub will only effect the surface not get in and clean everything out. So yes if you want a cheap scrub once a week I suggest Alba pineapple enzyme scrub. Otherwise please do some research and find an exfoliant for your skin type, there are many kinds such as leave ons, masks, and even powder mixes. Scrubs will only activate the oil glands so acne clients stay clear because over time this will only dry your skin out and cause more acne.

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