Multi-Active Toner

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Georgie J.
Great product!!

Used this product alongside dermalogicas oily skin care range for my training and it had reduced sebum (oil) amounts around my T-zone by a lot!! Love this brand, i had used the oily skin care range as it had suited my skin type although in training I had used other dermalogica ranges on clients during facial treatments and they was all very impressed 👍 the only thing with this product is that it is fairly pricey although the products did last me a long time even though used daily 😕

Inspired Artistry L.
Simple and genius- great for chest acne, back acne.

I have worked with Dermalogica products for over a year. The brand has many toners to choose from for different reasons but the multi toner is good for basically everyone. A refreshing spray to balance the acid layer of the skin to keep bacteria from spreading and also infuse the skin with antioxidants to help repair damage on a cellular level. Plus if you have body acne...get out of the shower, pat dry, and spray this all over. wonderful, and it helps so much.

Vivian C.

Alright so yes I'm Asian, and I have good genes, good skin. HOWEVER, my skin is getting drier and I use mineral foundation. So I use this product in 2 ways. I use it before my moisturizer, or I use it to set my foundation. Or sometimes both. Either way, my skin is so smooth and flawless after! Love this product! I was happy to find that it came in a travel size for $9 at Ulta. I'm a sucker for travel size and kits

Valencia F.

I have started using this Toner while in school for Aesthetics and it is the one of the best products that Dermalogica has supplied to the world. It is so refreshing and light that a few mist will send your skin into bliss. I can actually feel it replenishing my thirsty skin. I highly recommend.