Andrea R.

If you want your makeup off, this is the cleanser to do it. It's an oil cleanser made for all skin types and you massage it into your face, add water and it lightly foams up. It takes off your makeup so easily. Perfect for MUA's and makeup junkies. Smells good too :]

Tania A.

My favorite make up remover ever. I gently massage it a tiny bit in my skin every night to get rid of my make up (I sometimes use a different eye make up remover), then you just put a tiny bit of water and massage it, turns it into a light milky formula, before rinsing it out. Definitely a must in your bathroom

Inspired Artistry L.
Dissolves Every Spec of Dirt

The way this precleanse works is the genius of an oil. Oils are attracted to other oils, so once placed and massaged on the skin the oil starts holding on to dirt and other oils of the skin such as makeup and sweat. Yes, this also includes waterproof mascara. Once massaged in nicely add warm water and it will emulsify, causing the oil to start to dissolve. You will notice this happen because the oil turns into a milky white. The Precleanse is also amazing for every single skin type because it is made with essential oils and not fragranced with par fums. Lavender, lemon, chamomile fight to help barrier function and since all essential oils are antibacterial, fungul, and microbial, this is a skin ph balance and!!! a toner in one. So now that the skin is completely naked and clean, you can cleanse with you regular cleanser allowing it to act like a treatment. Have acne? now your acne cleanser with work twice as good with a clean slate. Precleanse is my favorite cleanser. Perfect for alone use as well.

Hannah C.
Make up slides right off!

Removes just about every trace of make-up.dirt,oil and crud from the skin. I also love that it doesn't strip you of moisture either. Just make sure to emulsify it well with a touch of water before removing and don't skip a second cleanse!!

Lèvres rouges M.

Okay...I've tried so many cleansers from Vichy, La Roche Posay, RoC, Neostrata, Lierac..nothing compares to this. This is THE BEST cleanser I've ever tried in my life. You put it on with dry hands/dry face, massage for a minute, add water to emulsify, and either wash off or wipe off. The only CON would be the pricing. It costs about $50 or so ( I live in Toronto). The PROS: made with kukui nut oil. No fragrances. No dyes. Smells great. Takes off all makeup, including water proof. Great for all skin types, especially oily. You wouldnt think so because it's an "oil" but it's' not the bad kind. 10 STARS!

Anne Jude A.
Achieve a DEEP clean!

This product goes directly on dry skin before your cleanser to remove surface debris. I am so hooked!!! Your skin will feel so amazing if you use this before your nightly face wash. Nothing like having a deep, deep clean!!

Rochell F.

Hands down, my all-time favorite product! It's fantastic for removing even the most stubborn makeup (waterproof mascara, heavy-duty foundations & concealers) and leaves your skin primed and ready for a thorough cleansing. You don't need any other makeup removers, as it is safe for use around the eyes and lips, and it will last forever! Just a tiny amount in a cupped hand will cleanse all the sins of the day off your face.

Chari N.
Can't live without!

Precleanse is awesome!! It really gets your skin clean right before using your actual cleanser. Use it with dry hands, massage into your skin to take off sunscreen, foundation, even waterproof mascara! Oil attracts oil so, it really is in my arsenal for a good, deep cleanse.

Quianna W.

Fell in love with this in esthetician school and I've been buying it ever since. This stuff if great for washing off makeup at the end of the day. I don't even waste my money buying their makeup remover because this works 10 times better.

Victoria S.
A staple in my routine.

I don't know what I'd do without Dermalogica's Cleansing Oil! It quickly washes away even the most waterproof of beauty products. I never have to pull or tug on my face, and the apricot kernel oil does amazing things for my super-sensitive skin. I love to mix it with a coconut milk cleanser for a perfect cold weather cleanse.