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Perfect skin in a tube

I love this primer, is very silky, very smooth but it isn't greasy at all. It isn't like all of the primers I've used before, it's a nude shade but goes on clear, it's on a tube, the others I've use either come in a jar or with a pump and it smells good. I really like this product because you can feel an instant change in the texture of your skin when you apply your foundation vs. no primer, it goes on smoothly and even and blends amazingly. It doesn't feel heavy at all and I did feel that it did improved my skin texture just a little bit after going through the whole tube. I hope my review is helpful and you guys love it the same way as I do <3

Miracle Worker

This is my skin miracle worker, I used to use it as a moisturizer everyday, but now I use it as a moisturizing mask. It get my skin very smooth and fresh looking. Plus its very light. I love it

You can't let this one go!

This palette is an absolute most! This was my birthday gift from my husband and I totally love it. Pigmentation is fabulous, it gives you a good range of blues, greens, yellows, pinks, neutrals and everything in between. The down side is the are really small but the solution to that is that they come in Hot Pots so you just browse on their website the color you want in a regular pan and they are just $1.99 .... HELLO YOU MUST GET THIS.

My husband gifted me with this beautiful palette from Sigma. I love the colors and how pigmented the shadows and blushes are. Not a huge fan of the highlight but very much in love with the palette and the the brushes are awesome. I think this is a very flexible palette you can mix and match from neutral day looks to sexy colorful looks.

M.A.C. who??

OMG I'm so in love with this trios!! I have Aloha/Mink Brown/ Deep Brown, Rock & Roll & Barely There/ Champagne/ Root Beer. They are great quality, can't beat the price and some have better pigmentation than the M.A.C. eyeshadows. I bought them cause I saw they were dupes and they were right on. I'm raving about them to my friends. GET THEM!!!!!

I wasted my money ... ugghhh

The wand is so flexible it feels like is going to break when you put it or take it out of the tube. The formula didn't do a thing for me ... just coated my lashes ... I was expecting like amazing looking lashes almost false looking like the M.A.C. Zoom Lash and all I got was clumps at the tip of the lashes, they seriously looked like spiders legs. This was my first time trying out hard candy cosmetics and i think I'm not going to try anything else in a looooong time.

  • Rea

This lipstick is ultra pigmented, I have to put some in my lower lip and rub it against the upper lips otherwise i'll look like a dead woman lol. This shade is super nude and I love it, the downside is it does wear off quickly but its very moisturizing on the lips.

Very Impressed

So yesterday was my first time trying out this lipgloss , and I was shocked. I wore it for work and I didn't have to do touch ups or anything the color lasted my 4.5hrs shift and it did loose some shine but the color was still there. This shade (Plush Red) is super pigmented. It smells and tastes like Kool Aid. I wanna try other shades to see if they win me over as much as this one.

A must have

This is one of my fave neutral palette. The colors are amazing, they show off well in photography, very blendable although some color are powdery and the fall out gets all over the place, nothing some loose powder cant fix. I really like it for days like running errands and the price its amazing. <3

Can't live without it!!

I bought this mascara accidentally and I don't regret it!!! The brush and the formula makes wonders on my lashes, it claims to give full body and extra volume and IT DOES! My lashes look amazing when i use it, and I only need one coat. Works way better than the Maybelline Falsies Mascara. This is A MOST GET MASCARA!!!

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