Coastal Scents

252 Ultimate Palette


Molly M.

this is great is you love lots of color. It gives you so many different shades in every color you could imagine. The colors stay true on as they look in the pots. I wish they could be a bit bigger but at the price, who cares!! I could not be happier!

Paris I.

I adore Coastal Scents products! the 252 Palette is my go to Palette. I literally have zero complaints. Super affordable, great quality, highly pigmented, plenty of color options, cute case, I just love everything about it. Damp your eye shadow brush with a little water and the pigments of the shadow become more intense. I mainly do my Tutorials with the 252 Palette!!

Brittany H.

I bought this palette earlier this week online and I am just so happy with it! I've had my eye on this for awhile and just haven't bought it for some reason, glad I finally did! The colors are bright and well pigmented enough for the cost and the selection of colors. There are some colors I don't see myself using right now, but hey ya never know. I use only a elf primer under it... the colors are vivid and most are true match to what they appear. I love the case it comes in. Keeps it all nice and tidy. There is such a broad range of colors can be used in so many different looks and styles. Every girl should have one if they like makeup. The matte finishes are my favorite and they go on smoothly and blend well. :) yay coastal scents!

Arait M.
LOVE IT!!! better than my BH Cosmetics palette

Alot of people look at these palettes as being crappy or chalky but almost any eyeshadow brand will be defined as that if you don't use a good base. I absolutely love this palette (only had it for about 2 weeks, Ive completed two looks using it CHECK OUT MY PAGE). The colour range is great although I wish there were a bit more matte pastels. I apply all my eyeshadow with a base I just see it as a must, currently in love with my NYX jumbo sticks. Another alternative is Urban Decay potion primer.

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Laney E.

Let me just start off by saying I love this palette sooooo much. It is just amazing there are a few colors that are not so pigmented but for a big palette of 252 eye-shadows almost all of them are. I use this everyday but I wouldn't get this if you don't like bright color eye-shadows. I think this is great palette you have every thing you would ever really need but me I have to have more. This is a great starter palette I recommend this to anybody who loves or need to practice with colorful eye-shadows

Erin M.
Can't imagine not having it!

I love this palette. It's the first big makeup palette that I bought (and I don't even remember how I found the site) and I'm glad I did. The colors are wonderfully vibrant, they last a long time, well pigmented, and just uuggggghhhh I love this palette. Like really, just get it. Go, go to and get it now!

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Gabriela B.
You can't let this one go!

This palette is an absolute most! This was my birthday gift from my husband and I totally love it. Pigmentation is fabulous, it gives you a good range of blues, greens, yellows, pinks, neutrals and everything in between. The down side is the are really small but the solution to that is that they come in Hot Pots so you just browse on their website the color you want in a regular pan and they are just $1.99 .... HELLO YOU MUST GET THIS.

Kiki M.
Love Love Love!!

I love this palette!! Its an awesome range of colors, that sometimes you don't even know where to begin! Very good for blending, and doing gradient looks. These are pretty amazing wet or dry... I love them! Good purchase!

Jordan A.

I love the 252 Ultimate. Has a wide variety of highly pigmented colors (Obviously. There are 252 freaking colors to choose from!!) and works beautifully to achieve any look you're going for. Highly recommend this pallet.

Rockonmisscute A.
i really like it!

where can i buy this here in italy? can you please suggest any online shop site? i really like this and i want to buy one.. help me please please please please thank you