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I love this oil. You only need a tiny amount and your hair is smooth, frizz-free and shiny. The scent, strong at first does dissipate. My bleached hair soaks it right in!! I wear it heavy overnight and wash it out the next day for deep hydration. Sold at salons only and Ulta locations with a salon, it is pricey but worth it. I have had the 1oz bottle for nearly a year and I still have half left. The brown glass vessel protects the integrity of the ingredients. I will replenish Healing Oil when it runs out, I love it.

Underage Red is creamy.

A more vivid red than I am used to wearing, it has a pin-up feel to it. Bright. Attention grabbing. A bit daring. This is a shade you have to wear for it could easily wear you. The blue base makes my teeth look extremely white. Now let me be honest, my teeth are bleached so they are hella white but if you look through some some of my other lippy swatches you will see the difference this shade provides. My teeth aside, this shade stays tube-true and does not turn pink, a problem I tend to suffer more often than not. I do not experience any shade change, it does not feather off of my lips and stays comfortable the entire wear. What I like most about this formula is, it's quite forgiving to dry lips while maintaining moderately full coverage. This lipstick would look so hot with a golden gloss on top. YUM! I achieved the coverage I was looking for with 3 swipes across each lip; Once to the right, to the left and back to the right.

This set is a STEAL!

For only $15 (available only at Costco) this set is filled with 12 mini lacquers and 1 petite file. The shades are amazing and if you can still score one, you can split the bottles up and have a bunch of gifts; stocking stuffers, teacher appreciation.... I have only used 1 shade so far, Award Season, the gold shade in the lower row second to the left. The lacquer thickened as I used it so the second coat took a little longer to dry then other lacquers that I have used. And it was a streaky formula; I needed 3 coats for opacity. I'm not ruling any of the other lacquers out, I have a feeling it just the way this metallic polish mixes. The finished colour is very nice. I'll post the shades as I swatch them. xoxo

Drenched in love!

Described as a pink berry red with a matte finish, Drech will undoubtedly make a statement. Opaque and highly pigmented, I find the formula to be incredibility creamy and surprisingly smooth. It stays put without deep staining, eliminating the need for multiple applications.

Purchased from Sephora for $22, a median price point for designer makeup, Illamasqua provides products that are free from animal testing, which is important to me. Drench is a shade I will rock during the day as well as night and I rate this lipstick 4.5 out of 5 stars. I love the coverage, the application is smooth and non-drying. The formula is creamy and lightweight, colour-true and non-feathering. I'm looking forward to trying other shades.

Smells amazing!

I was the lucky recipient of a Gud Klout Perk which included the Natural Body Wash in Floral Cherrynova. Described as the scent of soft cherry blossoms and almond milk, I find this to not only be softer smelling but less artificial than Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom. But that's the point, right?! I am also happy to report Gud is Paraben, Phthalates and Petrochemical FREE!!! Plus NO animal testing! YAY!

Clear in colour, I found this shower gel to be very moisturizing thanks to the inclusion of chamomile. It rinsed off completely and the scent did not linger strongly on my skin afterward, allowing me to apply my perfume as usual and without fear of smelling like a fruit stand.

The white plastic vessel is constructed of 25% post-consumer recycled plastic and contains 10 fluid ounces of product. It is about 6.5" tall and 2.25" at it widest point and features a pink pop-top style cap, to match the cherry blossom artwork on the label which held up well in the shower and did not peel off.


I received this in my Freeman Beauty Mystery bag and it is amazing. It has a light scent ( not overpowering at all) of milk chocolate and strawberries. It is a light brown clay based mask. It does quickly and removes cleanly. My skin looks amazing after this mask. While I'm not noticing it clearing up any acne, it does not cause any additional blemishes, which is always a bonus! (I prefer to spot treat acne, why treat area where I do not have blemishes?) I like that my skin feels clean but not stripped. I will absolutely replenish this mask, plus you cant beat the $3.99 price!

Love it but...

I wash my face and leave it wet then on damp hands I sprinkle about a sugar packet's worth of Daily Microfoliant and rub together to create a slightly foaming paste. While anchoring my thumbs to my jaw I use my pointer, middle and ring fingers to work in small up and outward circles, avoiding my eye area. There is virtually no gritty texture so when you first use it you are thinking to yourself 'how can this possibly work?' but it does.

I suffer both Rosacea and adult acne. It's a bitch. It's very hard to find a manual exfoliater that doesn't tear my skin apart and this one does not. It is the epitome of gentle and effective. This products rinses cleanly and completely and I simply follow it with my moisturizer.

So where's the con? It contains talc and parabens. *sad face*

I'm the Cupcake Queen!

This picture does not do this shade justice. It is amazing. A bright pink to wake up your spring soul that is delicately kisses with a blue luster which provides depth, not distraction. I skipped the base coat and went straight for 2 coats of Cupcake Queen. They went on smoothly and evenly without streaking. The polish dried to a shiny, beautiful finish and I added Butter London Hardware top coat for added protection against chipping or fading. It lasted 2.5 days before it chipped and the shade is amaze! What you see in the bottle is exactly what you will see on your nails.

For nighttime

This smells like white chocolate! YUM! This lightweight lotion is for night time use: it does it's magic while your skin is resting. I have oily, acne prone skin and I am happy to report this did not make me feel oilier nor did it irritate my acne or cause additional breakouts. Since you will only use it 1x per day, this pump will last FOREVER!


I feel so glamourous when I wear this blusher! Actually, every time I look at the tin, I feel like I am *borrowing* something amazing off of my grandmothers dressing table! Best applied on top of your moisturizer and under your foundation, I always receive complements on my cheeks!! This vessel of solid cream blusher will last me forever but even if it were a quick use-through, I would be a replacement in a heartbeat. I love it! If I were to design my own cream blusher, this would be it!! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the vessel is not easy to close or open, you have to take your time and fit together/pull apart the top from the bottom.

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