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So amazing, I purchased 4!

I have the newer shades: pear, turquoise, midnight and Honeysuckle. Designed by an architect, the are magnetic with a heavy duty latch. The compact is long enough to keep a brush or three inside as well as see both eyes at the same time. Like Minna, I was using 5 different brands with 7 different compacts and my biggest challenge was balancing all of these vessels on my counter; as they are not all flat. So I lived in fear of things sliding off of my counter to their untimely demise. I was able to get rid of 98% of my cosmetic compacts for these! This picture is 3 of my 4 UNII palettes. Unlike cardboard they will never face water damage hanging out next to your sink and the latch holds tight with an economical thumb rest when open. You should totally look into these cases if you're considering depotting product.

I am seriously considering buying a second set.

I have been asking the makeups Gods for more TeddyBuki brushes from Too Faced for a few years now and my prayers have been finally been answered! haha!

As a Beauty Blogger, I am embarrassed to admit that I had no idea these brushes were available until I was spending a Gift Card at Sephora. I guess I thought I would see a lot of celebration on the social media circuit but I remember none.

• Liner / Smudger I love to use this with powder shadows which can be used wet and dry. First I use it damp as a liner brush and later go back over with dry powder to set and intensify the line.

• Crease/Blender Exactly what it says, it is the best blending brush I have ever used. The softness never dulls the shadows I'm working with, it simply and beautifully blends and softens the crease giving me a more professional finish.

• Lid/Smoker I was able to do the first smokey eye that I was proud to wear out in public with this brush! It is the perfect blend of softness and firmness to not only evenly and quickly cover the entire lid but to perfect the Smokey Eye.

These are my favourite brushes, ever. The set is a great value averaging $13 per brush and there is a chart provided in the tube that shows you how to use the brushes to create the perfectly applied and blended look. I highly recommend this set, and am seriously considering buying a second set.

This is one of those products I wish I never purchased.

This scrub features a rough cane sugar texture so if you are very sensitive, you might not like the feel of this at first; it could feel as though it is scratching you. But once you get past that initial ouchie phase and the sugar starts to melt a little, it becomes extremely pleasant.

The smell is intoxicating. Not to overpowering one direction or another - a perfect blend of coconut and citrus; lemon, lemongrass finished off with a kiss of vanilla. Coconut oil hardens when cold, so my scrub was a brick when it arrived. No biggie, I made sure the cap was on tight and I gave it a warm waterbath for about 10 minutes. I removed the vessel and with a demitasse spoon, I slowly stir the scrub and mixed the oils throughout the product to redistribute and soften the mix. Indie Lee's products can and will separate because they lack chemical stabilizers. I found with the waterbath method, I did not have to add warm water to the actual product, which over time, too much water can harden the sugar.

With the consistency of light brown sugar and the texture of sugar in the raw, I scoop a small amount out and cup it in my hands allowing the warmth of my body to begin melting the oils. I then apply small amounts at a time to my skin, starting with my shoulders and working downward. Limb by limb slowly and methodically.

The vessel is a medium weight plastic with a screw top. The container is easy to open and scoop product out of and since it is plastic I do not have to worry about it slipping off of my shower's bench and shattering to the floor. All Indie Lee products are housed inside brown vessels to protect the ingredients from light, which tends to break down the effectiveness faster. Indie Lee's products are in their most natural state - no greenwashing here - only the finest quality products are used and you can feel the difference instantly.

My faourite facial cleanser!

I use 1 pump for my eye makeup and 2 for my face. I dampen a cotton round and pump once. The Cleanser comes out of the pump with force! I fold the cotton round over to spread the product a bit, open it back up and then clean one eye completely. I then fold the cotton round in half concealing the makeup covered side and clean the other eye. I clean my other eye without adding any more cleanser; there's enough suds coming through for even my waterproof makeup. Once my eye makeup is removed, I dampen my hands and face then apply 2 pumps of product to my cupped fingers. I do not hold water in my cupped hands, I only want damp skin. Quickly I rub my hands together to distribute the product and then apply it to my face. Using my finger tips, I massage it all over my face for about 1 minute and then use my Clarisonic to finish. I find this method of using my Clarisonic last, works best. When I was adding the cleanser to the bristles on the Clarisonic, it was if the cleanser was getting 'lost' and my skin was not completely clean.

The brown plastic vessel has a pump top that pumps with some force. You are going to want to make sure that the nozzle is always clean and free of dried Cleanser; if it is clogged in the slightest way it will shoot cleanser in multiple directions. It's ended up on my face, on my shirt, on the mirror... Retailing for $24 on Beauty Army, you can quickly see why this is a coveted 5 star favourite of mine. I will absolutely rebuy this cleanser. It is simply amazing. How much so? I told Lindsey, the founder of Beauty Army, that I wish I could wash my face twice, back to back.... Just so I could relive the experience!

It is my new staple in my skincare regime.

I know that oil is best for oily skin - it penetrates easier. Think about it - water and oil do not mix so water based moisturizers designed for oily skin tend to sit on the surface of my face. Not this. 3 drops and done. I wash my face with The Cleanser and follow with Shea Terra Organics Orange Water Toner. I love this bottle it's - so scientific! No need to shake, I unscrew the dropper cap and add 3 drops of oil to my finger tips. I press my left and right fingers together to spread the product and then press it into my face. That's right, I press it. No rubbing. The first time I used it I thought I needed more. I was so used to the feeling of my old moisturizer that I didn't realize what I was now feeling was perfectly moisturized skin. No tightness. No grease. Just gorgeous naturally moisturized skin. Derived from olives, this naturally occurring oil promotes elasticity in the skin and as we age, its production diminishes. By adding this key component, our sebum helps boost cell regeneration and oxygenation, leaving your face looking healthy and radiant. Naturally not greenwashed.

My skin is not breaking out nor am I experiencing as much congestion or blackheads as I was prior to switching to this oil. My skin is clear and fresh. I am NEVER greasy or oily and about 2 weeks after I started to use it I noticed I was actually less oily. My makeup not only looks fresh longer through out the day, I have less touchups. Or as I used to call them, mop-ups as I was usually blotting excess sebum off of my face. And for the first time in my life, I have been able to buy powder and foundation that are the same shade as my skin. I used to have to buy 1 to 2 shade lighter as my oil oxidizes everything 1 to 2 shades darker than my actual skin tone.

This 1oz glass bottle retails for $24 on BeautyArmy. It will most likely last me 6 months because I use such a small amount. Keep this oil stored in a cool dry place - try not to store it in your hot bathroom. The brown glass of the vessel protects the damaging rays of the sun breaking down the product, keeping it's potency and freshness as long as possible.

Emulsify into an oil first, or it's thick!

"This miraculous all-purpose formula will amaze you." Has it ever!! I have been singing the praises of this multipurpose magic cream since the samples first arrived in our office.

It comes out of the packette as a thick a balm since the natural ingrediants can turn to a semi-state in colder environments. Follow the directions and emulsify it into an oil-like consistency. If you do not do this, you will find it too think to properly apply. I put a small amount of Egyptian Magic on my fingertips and rub it between my left and right hand, creating friction so my skin fully absorbs the oil.

Chosen in my June BeautyARMY Kit, I use it mainly as a hand cream and I confidently apply it to my acne scars too. Suitable for all skin types, it has never caused me to break out and works quickly to fade the discoloration - I saw results at the end of 2 weeks. Unscented, you need the smallest amount. My sample lasted me 3 weeks!

Retailing in a 4oz jar for $37.20 I will absolutely purchase this full size vessel and I recommend this all-in-one miracle formula, to everyone!

I wish they were unscented.

If you're a teen of the 80's and 90's you probably remember BabyLips and BabyLash from Maybelline. Although they both went away, BabyLips has just made it's return! Available in 6 shades, I grabbed a tube of Pink Punch from Rite Aid and am having a blast reliving my teenage dream. The gloss is fairly sheer with a hint of pink to my lips. Super moisturizing, not waxy and a slight fruit punch scent.

The reformulated balm has SPF 20 to protect your pucker as it works to completely renew you lips in 4 weeks. The swivel base extends a wide solid balm and when finished, it locks back in place. The cap also secures tightly as I have never found the tube and cap separated inside my makeup bag. I'm very happy with how comfortable my lips stay using this. I do not taste any product nor does the fruit punch scent last very long. Plus it stays put and does not warm then feather off of my lips. Will I purchase again? Yes, you can't beat the results for the price. I would love to stash these all over! I prefer unscented but you can't please everyone!

I purchased 3 tubes!!

What is your favourite makeup item? Mine is lipstick, I adore it. I love exploring new shades and feeling new textures. I'm as harsh on my reviews as I am loyal to brands and this 24kt gold tube is no different. With a case layered in luxury, the reflection is so pure you would mistake it for a gold mirror.

But the purity of the reflection only comes second to the purity of the pigments. YSL #152 is named Pink Rose Grenadine after the perfectly described shade of pink poppy. When I first spotted the colour, I was refreshed and surprised how timeless it appeared. Not too pink that it's only for Spring or Summer, with just enough orange to carry it in to the Fall and that Kate Spade-esqe red to draw it through the Christmas season.

Before you know it, its spring again! Good thing I purchased 3 tubes! This full-coverage with a satin finish lipstick, stays creamy with moisture and fresh for hours. Drenched with Vitamins A & E for antioxidant protection, Carrot Root extract added to keep lips smooth, supple and kissably soft while an SPF 8 offers sun protection.

Never staining or feathering, this amazing lipstick feels like nothing I have ever used before. It goes on smooth and creamy and stays that way for hours. The colour looks exactly like it does in the tube, on my lips. It even smells riche! I purchased one tube and realized after I came home, it was the shade I had been looking for my entire life, I made the journey again the next day to score 2 more!

If you are looking for a real treat, I highly recommend this formula.

Something told me that this lippy was different.

I appreciated the reviews and there seemed to be a common theme; it's sheer and stays moist. I received a gift card for my birthday, I like to use those cards to buy things I would never spend my own hard earned money on, like a $35 Limited Edition lipstick by a company whose products I usually don't give a second glance.

I was forewarned that the tube is tiny, but it contains a full amount of product. I love the size, I can easily tuck this into a small clutch or a pocket. The vessel is metal, gold in colour. It is embossed with Lancome on the tube of lipstick and the rose on top of the cap. I feel as if I have been passed down something very special from my grandmother. I am torn between savouring it's beauty and showing it off.

I exfoliate my lips and pat them dry, I do not apply a liner as I want to see the shade out of the tube and feel the true texture. At first appearance, it seems an opaque red with gold shimmer. It goes on smooth, like a balm, thanks to Shea Butter. The colour is beautiful, it is sheer as promised yet has buildable coverage. I feel very sexy, this is one of those reds that will work for most.

The swatch above my apple is one swipe, the heavier application is above. It has a comfortable wear, staying moist until I reapply a few hours later. The colour stayed as true as the tube and never dried out my lips or caused flaking which is a havoc perfumes wreak. It has honestly, become my favourite Spring red. I never would have spent this much money on a lipstick but I have to admit I am grateful I had the Gift Card to be able to do so. It stays super moist, does not feather and does not dry my lips.

Perfect for year round wear!

I was treating myself to some birthday treasures with gift cards that I was given to Sephora. My favourite cosmetic item is lipstick, so I decided to by some new lippys, ones from companies that I have not yet tried. Smashbox was one of those companies. As I was browsing the lipstick fixture and a Sephora exclusive caught my eye.

From the Be Legendary Lipstick collection, I choose Legendary, a true red. The very first thing I notice is the feel of the matte case. Completely square in shape, it feels like metal. Heavy and cold. I swivel up the lipstick and apply, starting at the top bow of my lip. It's riche and creamy, packed with shea butter and vitamins E and C. It does not take many coats to become opaque and I notice it's very shiny and does not require gloss, not that I would add any, anyway. The colour stays true, and the blue undertone never feathers off my lips nor does it change - that shade stays tube true and lasts for hours.

Legendary retails for $19 and has a faint blue undertone that gives it a poppy-rose tone, making it perfect year round. No liner for Spring / Summer and a rich liner for a deep Fall / Winter winner.

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