Macadamia Natural Oil

Healing Oil Treatment


Gabrielle A.
This is so nourishing and moisturizing

I went to Miami for a few days and my hair got dry from the salt water and this product brought it right back to life. I use it mostly on my ends whenever they're dry. It works just as well as Moroccan oil. It also keeps hair smooth longer in humidity.

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Susan G.
I use this everyday =]

I spray this stuff on after I get out of the shower as well as if my ends feel dry throughout the day. Even though its an oil, I don't find it that greasy. I try to just spray it on my ends. I find that it doesn't smell like any of the other products from the line but it does smell amazing. I found mine at TJmaxx for just 12.99. I wish I would have stocked up.

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appi A.
love it

I use it after shampoo on towel dried hair .. as a serum .. not on the scalp .. it makes your hair frizz free,soft and manageable...also it makes my hair healthy

Sarah A.

I love this stuff!! I love it smells and what it does for my hair. I just love everything about! A great product and is worth every penny.

Stephanie L.

I love this oil so much. I have pretty thick, dry hair so my hair drinks this stuff up. I use it multiple times throughout the day even and my hair never looks oily, just shiny and soft. And the smell lingers which is great because I'm in love with the smell too. I bought the 4.2 oz bottle with the pump which is so much nicer than pouring it out of the bottle. Lasts forever, too, so you get what you pay for.

sehnaz G.
Macadamia Love

OMG I love this oil. I have thick coarse hair like no ones business lol, this oil makes my hair soft smooth and healthy. I have got Macadamia oil, Hair Mask and Curling Cream. All three of them is awesome. I will definitely buy it again once it finished.

Lindsay B.
great for hair, skin and spaced ears!

love this product ! I use it on my hair every 2-3 days and it seems to keep my hair healthy. When I go to the hair dressers they can't believe how healthy my hair is for how damaged it should be!

I also would recommend this oil to anyone with spaced ears. I massage my ears with this oil every 2 days and haven't had a problem. my ears used to get infected because I was using a thick oil for lubrication but now I use this stuff and its wonderful :)!

Sonaly B.
Great Product! I use it every time I shower!

This was one the best products I've used for my hair! For a few years I used "Moroccan Oil" and a friend recommended this product, and I can honestly say it is well worth the price! I would recommend it to everyone. I have really thick hair and most products would just weigh down my hair and made it look very oily, but this product is amazing in the sense that it delivers the protection and healing to the hair without residue! Give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Tina K.

I have really thick, course hair, but this oil works great for me. It absorbs into my hair soo well without it making my hair look oily at all, not to mention it smells amazing!:)

Kaitey R.

I have seriously damaged hair from bleaching. Using this product has made my hair feel and look so much healthier. It's brought the shine back to my hair. I just run it through the ends on my hair and blow dry as normal.