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It's good

It's as good as any Acetone-free polish that I've used, it just smells better. lol. I like it, it does a good job at removing my lacquer, even the glittery ones, but I don't go out of my way to replenish Powder Room. I woulf be more excited to score it as a GWP or in a set than run to Norides to buy one.

I have Secret Door

My Lippy is called Secret Door, a gorgeous strawberry red. I love it, I wear it all the time, alone and on top of lipsticks. (When I apply it as a lipstick topper, I run the applicator over a piece of tissue, to wipe off any lipstick residue so it does not enter the gloss vellsel and chance the shade.) The Lippy Lipgloss is niiice. I was *honestly* expecting a sticky mess but it is not sticky. I don't care for the brush applicator, it feel like a nailpolish brush to me, I much prefer a terrycloth doe foot. I mention this because the applicator might make me not purchase this product in the future.

So awesome, I wear it alone!

Foundation is a flesh toned basecoat. It applies easily, usually only 3 strokes and dries quickly with a semi-matte finish. This basecoat prevents my lacquers from staining my nails and the polish colours are represented in their truest form. I love the rectangle glass vessel, it is easy to hold and the brush applies the perfect amount of product. I am able to use about 85% of this product before I have to discard the rest. This is my go to, I will replace this once it runs out.

Best top coat!

Yep. It is the best. It dries quickly, provides high shine that lasts for days and does not craze or discolour. I appreciate the fact that I can use this on top of any brand of lacqqer. The glass vessel is easy to hold as is the applicator and the bristles posses the right amount of firmness; they do not spread too far apart and provide a consistent application every time. I change my nailpolish every 3 days so I use this often. I am able to use abouy 3/4 of the product before I have to discard the rest. This is my HG topcoat. I actually ran out of it today and am swinging by Nordstrom in the morning to buy another. I highly recommend Hardwear.

I love this formula!

This mascara is pretty awesome. It is wet in it's application but once it is on, it does not budge until you take it off with warm water. I wet my fingers and apply them to my lashes as if I am pinching them, for a few seconds and very gently pull and these stringly tubes of latex-looking mascara comes off on my fingers. There is no pulling, the removal process is very simple. Plus, this mascara does not flake off or leave any smudgy reside around your eyes. If I weren't a blogger, testing mascara often, this would be one of my go to's.

Rich, bold and completly vintage!

I take full advantage of the sharp angle that the tip of this lipstick provides. I start by lining the top of my bow, then the bottom of my bow, then I fill in my lips. I learn the hard way that you should not roll your lips with this product in order to distribute it's coverage. Apply. Blot. Wait 2 minutes and apply a second coat. The colour is rich, bold and completely vintage. Besame Red applies easily from the tube and while it does not dry out my lips, it leaves a non-creamy, matte finish.

This is a red that you need to wear with confidence or it will wear you. I am completely in love with this lipstick and the Besame brand. The formula is comfortable, fairly long lasting with minimal transfer. Besame Red does stain my pale skin so I apply it with caution. Once it is on, it does not feather off of my lips, nor does it change hue - a problem I have with pinks and reds. I did exfoliate my lips about 30 minutes before I did this swatch so I am unable to comment on it's behavior over dry lips skin. This is the perfect colour to punch up with gloss.

Hooked on this scrub!

I love this scrub and use it once a week. It is very comfortable and does not burn, even on my acne prone skin. I wet my face and apply it with dry hands, just a small dollop, in small circular motions for about 2 minutes The exfoliation is deep and I find the scent refreshing, it is not overly tart and it it not artificial like a holiday body lotion. Afterwards, my skin feels like a million bucks. It's on the pricey side but totally worth it.

Written by my Boyfriend:

The Obliphica Hydrate Conditioner also smells nice. It has the same scent as the Color pHerfection Shampoo so I do not have products competing for my attention. I only need a tiny amount and it is of traditional conditioner thickness. My hair doesn't feel waxy or slimy. It's soft but I can still style it with pomade as usual and not need more styling product due to limp hair.

Written by my Boyfriend:

The Color pHerfection Shampoo is packed full of antioxidant rich Obliphica or Buckthorn berry. It is a thicker shampoo then I usually use so I use less product but the trade off is getting used to non-lathering products; I want to add more and more looking for foam. I really like the smell of this shampoo. It's not girly and perfumy it has a bit of a spice to it. Free of parabens (preservatives) and artificial colors (that could stain Nancy-Lee's blonde hair) the Obliphica Color pHerfection Shampoo removes all my guy grime too; like dirt, oil and pomade. My hair feels clean and I don't have to follow with conditioner every time because this shampoo leaves my hair soft enough on it's own. 14.37 fl oz. is $22.

This is the real deal.

I have twice as much hair on my head as the average woman and it takes me 1.5 hours to perform a blowout, so you can imagine how infrequently that happens.... This dryer has my whole head dry, smooth and nearly frizz-free in 40 minutes. Plus is is very quite and it is super light weight so my arms never get tired from being awkwardly draped around my head. If this dryer burned out or was stolen - I have a sister, things go missing all the time - I would buy a replacement, immediately.

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