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Both an exfoliator and a mask

While I like that this serves 2 purposes an exfoliater and mask, it can burn during the removal is you have sensitive skin. The mask goes on easily and my skin is very bright when I remove it. It helps to purge my skin and clean up my acne but I do notice a new breakout or 2 the next day every time I use it. I have a few deluxe samples from subscription services and when I used them, I will not repurchase.


This is my HG mascara. I love how dark it is and the designed of the brush allows you to get the product deep against your lash line. It coats very well and never looks clumpy plus it stays put. I have never had this mascara (or the original) flake into my eyes.

Very shimmery

This changes the finish of your shadows, I wish I would not have received the shimmer but selected a matte. The hold for my oily eye lids is not spectacular, I find Korres and NARS to be far superior.

Robins Egg Blue

This is vivid! A cream finish, it covers completely with 2 coats but needs a top coat because it dulls quickly. This would be a fun base to some spring time nail art. This is the only NARS lacquer that I own. It's ok but for the price, like other brands.


The fibers do not sick to a single lash, they bind to lashes creating clumps. It looked like I walked into a spider web. I soooo wanted to like this product but I did not and do not recommend it.

Very fast, water free.

This is actually my favourite brush cleanser. It is the ONLY cleanser that I have ever used that removes lip gloss and lipsticks from lip brushes! And easily. But that's not all.... It will remove falsie eyelash glue from lashes, by soaking them for about a minute.... Lashes are like new and I am able to wear them many more times before I have to throw them away. So this cleanser is paying for itself by extending the ownership of my favourite falsies! The only thing I warn is, this is a citrus based cleanser. If you are cleaning many brushes, it can become a little overpowering. The scent does not linger and I want to note that I do not smell it on my brushes the next day. I will repurchase, I am supper happy with the results.

Valuable companion.

The secret sauce to this jar is the insert. Add Parian Spirit cleanser and the mesh insert acts as a scrubber for your brushes. It really works the product between the bristles to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oil. If I broke this jar, I would buy a replacement immediately.

Easy and effective

I love this mask. everything you need is in the box expect the vessel, I use a small ramekin or tupperware-style container. The treatments are individually packaged, you will open a packette of powdered mask, fill the included measuring cup and add warm water, remove a tongue depressor from it's pack and mix the mask. Once it is smooth, start to apply. Know that it is runny at first, you might want to apply it over the sink or use the mixing container to catch any drips. The trick to this mask is to pack it on! You want to apply the entire mask because it will make the removal process soooo much easier. If you have thin spots, or it gets in your hairline or eyebrows, wait until the mask is dry and then use warm water to dampen a washcloth and gently rub. The mask should come off easily. I will buy this again, for sure! It's a good value for 6 treatments it breaks it down to $6.33 per treatment.

They do NOT remove everything for me. :(

I am on a wipe kick and I am looking for the best of the best. This is not it. While the cloth is a great size, comfortably saturated (not too wet not too dry) and they are pleasantly scented - they leave way too much of my eye makeup on for my to consider a repurchase. Even when I hold the towelette on my eye for 30 seconds, it still leaves trace of everything. My vegan mascara is still present, dark eye shadows stain my lids and I see powder foundation on my Clarisonic brush. I wish I had the success of the other reviewers but I will pass.

They are reusable!

I was invited to MAC's Holiday party and I was going to treat myself to a few lip glosses but happen to spot Demilume and couldn't resist! They are a matte black nail, and I mean flat paint - the picture above, makes them appear shiny. The gold accents are for the moons of your nails. They come pre-glued and stayed on pretty well! I received many complements and was able to use a little goo-gone to remove the adhesive for my next application. I scored some adhesive strips by Nailene from CVS and tada!! I'm getting my $24 worth! If you can find them, they will be an excellent addition to a Holiday or New Years Eve look! xoxo

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