Beauty Product Reviews

These lipsticks aren't the best out there, but for someone who wants to buy a lot of lipsticks, and get okay quality with good color pigmentation, then by all means buy some. The only complaint I had was they are very creamy, almost to the point where one of them started bending.

This primer works great whether your going to wear a tinted moisturizer, or an actual foundation. Its makes my skin super soft, but I also find that even though I have oily skin, it stays pretty matte. I think its worth the money.

They Rock!!

These are literally the best drugstore product anyone could ever buy. I have very oily skin and these always keep my skin looking fresh. Its amazing how the little sheet can soak up so much oil. I have also found that using these on a daily basis has reduced the amount of oil on my skin. I went from using 2-3 sheets a day to using only one!!

This product works better for longer hair. I have short hair and I usually spike it up, but I thought I would try it for one of the lazy days where I don't feel like washing my hair. I didn't really feel very much of a difference in my hair after using the product. And I did shake it while applying it, but my hair still turned white. =(


This mascara will have your lashes looking fierce in no time!! Its perfect for someone that has long, but thin lashes, or someone that has short, but thick lashes. It makes them look so amazing. I love when mine or my clients lashes look fake. It adds more pop to the eye.

Extremely soft and worth every penny of the $3.00 it costs to own this amazing brush!! I love using it with my e.l.f. HD setting powder. It also works great for blushes and bronzers as well.

Great for summer!

I really love this tinted moisturizer because its very creamy, so that makes it easier to apply evenly all over the face. I love how it covers well, but it doesn't make you feel like your wearing a mask! It works well for me, being a guy, since I don't really like to wear foundation out very often. I just apply all over my face and then set it with my e.l.f. Studio HD powder and I'm good to go!

I always make sure to stock up on them because I keep one in my freelance kit and one for myself. They work great and they don't leave your skin feeling dry. Very affordable!!

Love love love!! <3

This is the only setting powder I have ever used. I was looking into purchasing the Makeup Forever HD Powder, but it was sooo expensive!! I was browsing through e.l.f.'s website and noticed this product. After receiving it, I was shocked. The powder is baby soft and it works great setting your makeup! Its completely translucent, so it works great for all skin tones.


This product would work fine for me if I had a lighter skin tone, but I find that after application, it makes me look way too pale. It works great if you need a powder to help touch up throughout the day and get rid of any oil, but that's about it.

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