Studio Complexion Brush

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Mary Anne M.
2 Years of Almost Daily Use, and Still As Good As New

I always hesitate to purchase cosmetic brushes because I am a painter, and I use paint brushes that are economically priced and still effective for good paintings. With that mindset, I didn't want to go blowing more than $10 for the cosmetic brushes everyone raved about, if I could find far more affordable brushes that could do just as good as a job as any other designer/high-end/cult favorite brush.

And I'd have to say, I bought 7 different e.l.f. Studio brushes and they're all winners, including this complexion brush! For $3 this brush was fabulous; the bristles are very soft, and they picked up a good amount of mineral powder in a single dip, not too much like my Ecotools brush did. During the entire time I used this brush to apply my foundation, I never experienced any flaws with the brush itself—there was no bristle fall out even while washing it, the handle and ferrule always stayed in tact, and the design of the brush is very simple and elegant. Since the hairs are synthetic they're easy to wash and even easier to dry since they don't absorb moisture as much as natural hairs do.

I see a lot of people are commenting on using this brush for blush application, which I think is okay if the blush is very sheer or the blush color is just a slight difference from your skin tone or foundation, but if you like dramatic blush or contouring, I would advise using a smaller brush than the complexion brush, like e.l.f.'s Studio blush brush, so that the application is less overwhelming and easier to control.

I have only bought one of these complexion brushes, and have been using it since I bought it (at this point, I have been using it for more than half a year). If for any reason it does break, which I can't see that it will anytime soon, I would still buy another one in a heart beat.

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Mally S.
Better than a "professional" brush!!

I love, love, LOVE this brush. I've had it for what seems like forever, and I've washed it countless times and it's never shed once. I have several other 'professional' brushes that are 'real hair' and this one tops them all. The other 'pro' brushes I have all began to shed all over my face and fall apart after several cleanings, but this brush has stayed like-new. I normally don't like synthetic brushes, but surprisingly that's the reason I love this brush. It's amazingly soft for a synthetic brush, and it distributes powder perfectly. And you can't beat the awesome price. The only complaint I have is that when I wash it, it does take quite a long time to dry, number one because it's synthetic, but number two is because it has a lot of bristles and they're very tightly packed at the base. Sometimes, I'll blast it with my hairdryer to speed the drying process....but be careful if you do that because you can melt synthetic bristles together with high heat. Otherwise, this is an amazing brush that's worth so much more than I paid for it!!! Don't waste your money on expensive 'real hair' brushes.

Sojourner W.
The Best Brush Along With Their Powder Brush!

I thought when I tried the e.l.f Powder I had tried e.l.f's best brush, but this Complexion Brush is giving it a run for its money. I think this is the best inexpensive powder brush you can find. The bristles are really soft and fluffy, so it feels absolutely magnificent on my skin. This brush is very large which I love because it makes putting on powder quick and easy and covers a lot of my face. The look of the e.l.f studio brushes are always sleek and black, which I like, and luckily this hasn't broken on me yet because the handles of these brushes tend to loosen. Originally this brush is $3 at Target or the e.l.f website, but I had a half off coupon code so I got it even cheaper, but even at regular retail price it's worth it. I would recommend this brush to any makeup lover, especially if you wear powder every day.

Bottom Line; Get it, the price is good and the quality is excellent!

Pros: - Price - Quality - Size - Texture - Availability

Cons: - You don't own it yet! - But seriously, none.

Santana V.

I enjoy this brush, great price. I use it just for my blush. It picks up well and goes on smooth. easy to wash and dries quickly. I haven t had any shedding .

Zara J.

love this brush and all of the ELF studio line brushes its so so soft such an amazing price does not shread at all picks up product well love it :)

Anneka F.
Adore these!

This is so awesome! I can't talk about how much I love the studio line of brushes from ELF. They are amazing - cheap as chips! I got this one in the 11 piece set. Its sooo amazingly soft - I have to hide it from my kittens cause they like to play with it. It feels so nice on my face, fantastic for powder!

Isha S.

If I have to use one brush for my whole face makeup, this is the brush. Personally I have 2, one I use for concealer under my eyes and sometimes foundation too. I gives such a beautiful finish. Of course the marketed purpose is to powder your face. Because of it's shape I use the flat side to apply my blush or highlight and then I position it horizontal and contour with it.

Pros: - Very Versatile - The bristle are super soft and clean very well and dries quick. - I haven't had any shedding. - It's only 3 dollars.

Valencia F.
Coveted Dusting brush

I've never seen anything like this: Amazing brush at an amazing value! One of my favoritest (yes, I said it) in my kit. I don't even use my ultra expensive powder brushes anymore. This brush just makes me smile with each use. On myself and on my clients.

eyezayuh m.

Extremely soft and worth every penny of the $3.00 it costs to own this amazing brush!! I love using it with my e.l.f. HD setting powder. It also works great for blushes and bronzers as well.

Brittany M.
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Blush, Bronzer, Powder, whatever you want to put on your face this can do it for you beautifully. Soft hairs and sturdy design I have never had any hairs fall out. And, cruelty free!