XXL Pro Volume Mascara

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Emily W.
Not at all what I wanted.

I heard good things about this mascara and the unique fiber-building aspect of the product. Unfortunately, it only talked the talk and didn't walk the walk. The white fiber side was strange and didn't apply evenly or in any orderly fashion to my lashes, creating strange white stumps. The mascara comes out gloopy and thick on the brush, and is very hard to apply without massive clumping. I ended up with crazy spider lashes no matter what technique I tried! I threw both products away, cleaned the spoolies, and now I use the brushes to groom my eyebrows. Not at all what I intended when I bought the product.

Nelly R.

I freakin love this mascara it one of my favs I love the volume it gives my eyelashes and it doesn't smear or smudge at all I recommend this marcara if you want voluminous eyelashes this mascara doesn't even last me a month and a it

Lun N.
Made my lashes super lengthy :D

I liked this a lot since, I have Asian lashes which are bearly visible I need some thing that isn't heavy and won't way it down. The 1st step dries up really fast and I like that sooo it won't weigh down my lashes

Marjorie L.

I love the collection but this one is my least favorite one. Each time I use to use this I had to take the brush and remove some mascara on it and it took forever since it had SO MUCH. It doesn't look good when you put it on either. Your lashes goes pretty much EVERYWHERE :/

Meagan A.
Best drugstore mascara for volume!

Seriously makes my lashes look like they're fake lashes! I love this mascara because it's affordable and my lashes are so volumized after only a few coats. Would recommend this to all my friends!

Monica I.

Great definition to my eyelashes, brightens your eyes, goes very smoothly, lasts long enough for me. I mean, more than others have, others dry quickly, like in a month, no more product left. This stills works and I bought it ages ago.