5 Camouflage Cream Palette


Chris C.
Quick and Easy

This is in my Kit for all kind of exergencys. Your Model got a pimple? The Actor has a little tattoo? Your celebrity client had a partynight and has to look amazing? This little think will cover every inperfection. You have to think about complementary colors: So for red spots you use the green concealer, for tattoos a white and then a more peach color on top and to give the face a fresher look use the purple colored camouflage. Also because of the sice very handy for the pro-kit. Highly recommended!

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Christina T.

This is the only concealer I like from Make Up Forever. I love how creamy and blend able it is, and the way it covers. I like the variation of colors, and especially with the No. 1 palette, all the colors work for me because I have a fair complexion. I'm currently obsessed with this.

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Yumi R.

This palette is great however I only ever use the last two colours - the green and peach/orange colour correctors. The 3 other colours would be great if I had a lot of time to mix my makeup while getting ready or was a makeup artist. A little goes a long way - the peach is amazing for correcting darkness around the eyes and is a light but effective formulation. The only way this would look unnatural is if you are applying too much on. The green is a little harder to use (but I find this with every green corrector i've tried) and the best way is to take a bit with a brush and gently pat it on your skin then go over it with your regular concealer using your fingers to warm it up and blend.

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Brittany R.
save your money unless..

you are a makeup artist or know how to work with colors LOL bc I got this when I was first really getting into makeup & this did nothing for me. Idk if I got a bad one or what but the texture was so extremely thick I couldnt even blend it out on my skin!

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Ashley V.
Beautiful Coverage !!! Worth the price!

I've had this for 2 years now and it's a miracle worker. It easily melts which makes it perfect for blending into my skin. The concealers are amazing. Does an amazing job at concealing any imperfections you may have. I really love it. A little bit of products goes a long way.

Michelle D.

By far, the best concealer I have ever used. I am a big fan of cream concealers and this had exceeded my expectations. I like to use the first shade to highlight, second shade to cover any blemishes (when I don't wear foundation), I don't use the third shade, and the green shade I use to also cover up blemishes under my foundation. This is truly an amazing concealer palette and a little goes a long way. If you're willing to splurge for your concealer, definitely recommend this!

April F.
this palette has made my life!!!

i have super oily skin and i have been searching for a good concealer to cover a few acne marks on my cheeks and chin while i work on fading them away. i don't wear liquid foundation very often because i hate the heavy feeling on my skin so i normally wear only powder and concealer where i need it. most of the concealers i had tried either didn't cover enough or changed to an awful ashy gray once the oil from my skin hit it. i was so excited when i tried this and it actually worked for me!! it gives me a flawless coverage and best of all it doesn't change colors. i also like that i have a few different colors to work with so i can blend the perfect color for my skin!! i can't believe i waited so long to buy it but i'm sooooo glad i finally took the plunge : )

Leah C.

This is a great concealer palette when you need more coverage. The colors are more for light skin tones. I do not use the green corrector, it just doesn't work as well as some other correctors that I use.

Theresa G.
Great Palette
Photo of product included with review by Theresa G.

I love this concealer palette. Has different shades for different uses. Deffinitly a must have for my makeup kit. Consistancy is very thick but you only need a very little. Sheer it out with a fluffy blending brush and everything should blend togeather.

Nadia B.
Makeup Kit Must

As a Makeup Artist I need to have a wide range of color options for my kit. It's difficult to find a concealer palette that will work on darker skin tones. This kit works extremely well. I've even used it as a full cover foundation. Aspen is correct, you must set the powder.