5 Camouflage Cream Palette


Kitty K.
Very drying

I bought this concealer on a whim, having already seen a few reviews. ( Some good, and some bad. )

I was very content with how it felt in store on my fingers... creamy. I figured this would be very creamy on my normal to dry skin and great as a quick fix before work in the mornings.

However, I began having doubts that same night as I was starting to see more and more negative reviews. I decided to speak for myself and test it out... I was instantly disappointed. Did the concealer provide Full coverage? No. Medium coverage would be a more proper description, although I am sure you can layer it. Is this concealer drying? Yes, it was indeed very drying to the mere point that I was disappointed. Sure I could do my handy trick of mixing some Argan Oil with it to provide a skin like finish, but at the early morning hours where I have very little time that just does not fly by with me. Would I use this for under eye circles? No, that sounds like a scary idea to me. Is the color section any good? No, the color selection, is quite in fact... all the same. The darkest palette is indeed the darkest, but when you compare palette #1 and #2 next to each other, there is little difference. I took this right back to the store and bought the full coverage concealer instead that comes in a tube.

Chris C.
Quick and Easy

This is in my Kit for all kind of exergencys. Your Model got a pimple? The Actor has a little tattoo? Your celebrity client had a partynight and has to look amazing? This little think will cover every inperfection. You have to think about complementary colors: So for red spots you use the green concealer, for tattoos a white and then a more peach color on top and to give the face a fresher look use the purple colored camouflage. Also because of the sice very handy for the pro-kit. Highly recommended!

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Vanessa M.

I don't know why but I've never had luck with this palette...I've tried ever color and every application technique but it just doesn't blend well into my skin. It looks so cakey and dry...using it under my eyes makes me look old! I love makeup forever but this was a miss for me

Ashley V.
Beautiful Coverage !!! Worth the price!

I've had this for 2 years now and it's a miracle worker. It easily melts which makes it perfect for blending into my skin. The concealers are amazing. Does an amazing job at concealing any imperfections you may have. I really love it. A little bit of products goes a long way.

Michelle D.

By far, the best concealer I have ever used. I am a big fan of cream concealers and this had exceeded my expectations. I like to use the first shade to highlight, second shade to cover any blemishes (when I don't wear foundation), I don't use the third shade, and the green shade I use to also cover up blemishes under my foundation. This is truly an amazing concealer palette and a little goes a long way. If you're willing to splurge for your concealer, definitely recommend this!

Metta X.
I really like it(:

I purchased this product when I was going through my "Concealer Search"; trying to find a good concealer for myself. I came across this product and I loved the consistency. It's very creamy and it blends very easily. I absolutely love it. The only downfall to this product is the color at the very right. Like, what am I suppose to do with it? I don't really use that color for much and the price for this as a concealer was kind of expensive. About $35ish dollars... probably will not re-purchase because I have found better and cheaper concealers. But overall, if you like high end, this is a good concealer.

Simone W.

I had high hopes for this palette but it left me disappointed. I tried it on several occasions but I just couldn't get over how much the product moved when applied, especially the orange color. Very blotchy too. I liked the dark color for contouring but I can do that with a cheaper product. I returned it to Sephora. I was happy with my Iman concealer anyway, just wanted to try it out.

April F.
this palette has made my life!!!

i have super oily skin and i have been searching for a good concealer to cover a few acne marks on my cheeks and chin while i work on fading them away. i don't wear liquid foundation very often because i hate the heavy feeling on my skin so i normally wear only powder and concealer where i need it. most of the concealers i had tried either didn't cover enough or changed to an awful ashy gray once the oil from my skin hit it. i was so excited when i tried this and it actually worked for me!! it gives me a flawless coverage and best of all it doesn't change colors. i also like that i have a few different colors to work with so i can blend the perfect color for my skin!! i can't believe i waited so long to buy it but i'm sooooo glad i finally took the plunge : )

Christina T.

This is the only concealer I like from Make Up Forever. I love how creamy and blend able it is, and the way it covers. I like the variation of colors, and especially with the No. 1 palette, all the colors work for me because I have a fair complexion. I'm currently obsessed with this.

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Leah C.

This is a great concealer palette when you need more coverage. The colors are more for light skin tones. I do not use the green corrector, it just doesn't work as well as some other correctors that I use.