Viva Glam Gaga

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Tempest P.

Its so smooth and creamy. I wish it had a bit more staying power. I also found that this lipstick was a bit more scented than other MAC lippies. (as in, it smelled strongly of vanilla instead of just slightly like vanilla.) Still a fantastic nude, worth a try!

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Adriana P.

I bought the viva glam gaga 2 lipstick and for me this lipstick is a little bit too nude for me and it makes me look sick, so I didn't like it at first. But then I tried it with different lip glasses and I really started loving it. I also tried it with the lip glass that matches it (viva glam gaga 2 lip glass) but I never wear them together. But what really became my favorite lip combination is this lipstick with MACs "Posh it up" lip glass. I swear it looks gorgeous. This lip glass gives it the perfect hint of color that I need. It still looks nude but not as nude as the lipstick alone.

So definitely check that out.

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Tanecka L.
it may have to grow on me...
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Okay, so I ADORE the first GaGa/MAC collab, so I bought this one without even thinking! Thumbs up for being an Amplified & it is super super creamy & moisturizing on my lips. It is a good nude but it has a thumbs down for my skin seems to "disappear" my I may have to play with it a bit, probably use a the MAC Oak lipliner but other than that, I give it 4 stars. Good Job GaGa! :)

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Sarah S.
Amazing color

I actually got this and the viva glam gaga 2 in a gift set from my local cco (cosmetic company outlet) about a year ago I was so surprised to see it still available there and I fell in love with it. It's a blue toned pink so it looks great on lighter skin tones I feel. I love this lipstick so much if you can find it definitely go grab it!!!!!

Christina B.
favorite color

this was my first mac purchase ever. i love this pink it is my favorite pink compared to any other. it is so smooth and awesome. couldnt ask for a better lipstick

Brenda L.

This was my first MAC lipstick & it's the best pink ever, not too cool not to warm. Goes on sheer at first but you can build up the color to the intensity of your desire..

Stephanie S.
Barbie pink, i like!

I'm more into nude lipsticks, but i actually do like the pink lipstick. I love the smell, its weird saying it but it actually does smell good! It goes on super smooth and it has a great color payoff!

Charity H.
So in love with this product. ADDICTED.

I am so addicted to this lipstick! Im on my second tube of it now! The first one has barely anything left in it, and the second one actually broke on the way home from buying it at MAC in Macy's- But i didnt feel like returning it, i accepted it, and used it anyway- lol It's that amazing. It's worth any form i can get it in. It's the most gorgeous nude color i've ever owned. Looks amazing on any skin tone, on any person, nothing compares to it. I wear it every day with every look. The color is delish, and it's so creamy, and for some reason it makes my lips seem a little fuller. Sooo in love.

Tasha S.
Both are GREAT!

I love them both great on all skin tones I think. Goes on smoothly good color payoff not to mention I love the smell and its for a good cause.

Esmeralda M.
i tried it once

when it first came out and now....forever later! i want it and i cant find it any where!!! its the perfect nude lipstick!!! where o where can i get it?!?!?