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Bright and Beautiful Skin in a Bottle

I am a tough critic when it comes to body oils. While my skin is dry (so body oils should work well) I usually find that oils are too thick or don't absorb very well, so I often end up avoiding them.

This is easily one of the best body oils I have used in my life - not only does it absorb instantly, it leaves my skin hydrated, soft and glowing thanks to the mica found in the formula. This is a must have for me during summer months, because it always leaves my legs and arms looking and feeling about a 100x better.

The price is...a lot, admittedly, but you do get a large quantity for what you pay for. If you're okay spending the money, I'd highly recommend this - your skin will thank you.

A Must Have Mask

After having somewhat iffy results with the Clean Dirt, I wasn't sure how my dry (but blemish prone) skin would react to this. After just one use, though, all my worries were erased - this mask is truly a must have.

While you can combine the powdered formula with a plethora of different liquids, the easiest (and my personal favorite) is just plain old water. When combined, they create an almost mousse-like consistency, which can then be applied using a brush.

My skin is always left glowing after this and, even though my skin is naturally dry, this never leaves it feeling tight or overtly dry. Instead it clears my skin completely, erasing blackheads and diminishing angry red blemishes.

This is my must-have mid-week mask, and the first I'd turn to on days where my skin is looking a little sluggish or dull.

Good Skin in a Bottle

I have tried a lot of facial oils - like, a ton. So I've become pretty picky with which ones work well and which do not. This is a truly great face oil, especially for dry skin. The oil is very rich and dense, which I know some people have had a problem with. The first time I used it, I tried to blend a little too much with less than perfect results.

However, on the second try I used just the tiniest amount, blending it after misting my face with the Jasmine Garden, and I found the formula absorbed much easier, leaving my skin glowing.

Yes, there are equally great oils at lesser price points, but if you're in the mood for a bit of luxury than you won't be disappointed with the results you get from the Youth Dew.

Interesting Concept - Depends on Your Skin Type

As a bit of a cleanser-addict, when I heard of this handmade powder cleanser I was immediately intrigued. Coming in a generously sized (and beautiful) glass container, the powdered formula can be combined with the liquid of your choice to create a mousse-like consistency that blends easily. The formula allows this to be a great cleanser and light exfoliant in one, something that's a must-have with dry winter skin.

So, while I do like this, I have to say it's not my favorite from the brand. I have pretty sensitive skin, and found that this irritates it a bit if used too much, meaning I can really only get away with using it once or twice a week. The formula can also be kind of hard to rinse off (along with staining any towel it comes into contact with) so I only use this when I know I can wash it off in the shower.

All in all, for oily skin types or less sensitive complexions, I'd definitely recommend this. I know people who swear by it, and with such great ingredients I can see why. Unfortunately it just didn't "wow" me. I much prefer the similarly formulated Problem Solver, which works fantastically as a detoxifying mask.

My Favorite Face Mask. Ever.

So I know this product is technically marketed as a cleansing silk (and it does work well as a cleanser), but I personally use it far more frequently as a face mask.

As someone who has dry, but blemish-prone skin, it's nearly impossible to find a face mask that works. It needs to be hydrating and nourishing to my skin, but strong enough to get rid of blemishes. This is the first and only mask I've EVER found that accomplishes both (and I've tried dozens and dozens, as a beauty blogger).

It smells like a little piece of heaven, and applies easier than any other honey-based product I've come across. The creamy consistency spreads easily, and I usually leave it on for about 45 minutes before washing it off, only to reveal simply glowing skin.

With ingredients such as raw honey, colloidal silver and Halloysite Clay, this mask manages to be both clarifying and hydrating, thanks to its antibacterial properties found in many of the ingredients. It's truly a little miracle worker and one that has kept my skin in better shape than ever before.

My one and only problem with it is I use it so often that I go through it more quickly than May's other generously sized products. I suppose I could use it less, but it's so wonderful that's a hard thing to do!

Delectable Luxury

I've always been pretty skeptical when it comes to face mists. I have dry skin, so people recommend them to me all the time, but I never really understood the point to spending so much money on a product that didn't seem essential.

I'm not going to lie to you and say this particular mist will change your routine - but it will better it. First off, there's the scent, which is a stunning bouquet of florals that just puts you in the piece headspace. Right off the bat the aroma won me over, and if May decided to make a perfume of it I would be the first in line.

But let's talk about the actual results. I, personally, don't find this mist to be overly hydrating. Spraying a bit of it does certainly help my skin absorb any serum I apply after, but for dry skin like mine I would never use this as just a lightweight moisturizer alone. The real star quality for this formula comes in its treatment of blemishes. The ingredients of colloidal silver and witch hazel are fantastic at reducing redness and providing antibacterial properties to your complexion, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in blemishes since adding this.

So while this might not be my first recommendation from the line (that honor would have to go to the Blue Cocoon or the Honey Mud), I did still love it enough that I was willing to part with the $60 for it. And if you're in the market for a luxurious face mist with blemish-fighting properties, this is your guy right here.

A Little Piece of Heaven

There's no arguing that this little piece is price-y, so before ordering it for myself I read just about every review out there, reading the ingredients listing so many times I actually had it nearly memorized. Even with all the rave reviews I had read, nothing prepared me for how much I would actually fall in love with this dreamy balm.

I honestly use it for everything - as a nightly treatment for dry skin, a redness and blemish reducer, and even as an eye treatment. I even combine it with my concealer daily for the best under eye coverage I've ever had. It's a do-it-all product with a gorgeous, luxurious scent, and every time I use it I can't help but smile.

As for the size and price, I cannot stress enough how LITTLE of this product you need per application - literally just dabbing a fingertip onto the top of this will give you enough for most of your face. I know people say a little goes a long way with a lot of products, but it's never been as true as it is with this product. With daily use, I am nearly certain this will last me well over a year - if not more.

It is a very rich formula, so not only is it important to use a small amount so you don't waste it, but using a smaller portion is also the best way to get the most out of the product. There are very few products of this price point I'd recommend for everyone, but if you're looking to add a truly great piece to your skincare collection I'd suggest this in a heartbeat.

Can't Live Without It

I have never had great experiences with highlighters. I've always found them to either be too shimmery to give much of a natural highlight, and I had effectively given up looking for a viable option. That is until I started hearing about this guy. I must have read dozens of reviews on my favorite beauty blogs raving about this natural looking, beautiful luminizer. It sounded too good to be true, but after trying it I realized that every single rave was deserved. This provides the mostly beautifully subtle highlight without ever looking fake or like a glitterbomb explosion. I use it daily on my cheekbones and browbones, even on days I'm not wearing makeup. It just gives your skin a lovely healthy glow and I cannot live without it.

Best Natural Mascara on the Market

I've been searching for a natural alternative to my usual department store mascara for a long time now. Unfortunately most of the natural options I've tried have been disappointing - either they smudged too easily or wouldn't last throughout the day. Because of this, I was ecstatic to come across the Kjaer Weis Mascara. Not only does it give you incredibly natural looking lashes (don't expect to look like your wearing falsies with this one), a big plus in my eyes, but it lasts throughout the day without ANY sort of smudging! It's wonderful to have a mascara that not only works fantastically but has ingredients I can feel good putting on my lashes.

An Everyday Go To

I have incredibly dry lips, so as much as I love wearing a lip color I usually have to settle for a tinted lip balm that rarely lasts throughout the day. Because of this, I was absolutely ecstatic to come across this gem - part lipstick, part lip balm, gloss and stain, this provides the perfect flush of pink to your lips for every day wear. It's incredibly hydrating (and long lasting hydration, which is hard to come across) and can even be layered underneath another lipstick to add pigmentation. But for everyday wear I find this gives a gorgeous pink tint that lasts for quite some time, not requiring much reapplication throughout the day (a huge plus!).

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