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Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain


Hu H.

一点都不滋润。。不推荐买了2个IT Cosmetics产品让我很失望 。 不会回购!!!!!!Its not hydrating ,and Im dry lips 。。。。。。不建议购买

Erin P.
Simple slick of natural color for daytime.

I wear minimal lip looks on a daily basis, personal preference. I am always looking for a “fancy chapstick”, this is delightful. Beautiful texture that glides onto lips. Nourishing ingredients and it transforms to a subtle, soft pink color. Perfect if you also like simplicity in your day to day look or your workplace.

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Amanda V.
Don’t ever discontinue this product, please..

I have big lips that dry out quickly. Most lipstick, gloss, even chapstick feels gross after wear. This is a stain, and it doesn’t do that thing where a line of pigment eventually lines the lips over time. Incredibly moisturizing and the color is subtle (I’m incredibly picky). I’m buying two more. Lol it’s my new favorite.

Neeve W.

I personally really hate wearing any tinted product on my lips. But this is the perfect step up from a lip balm as it just gives that sort of soft "kissable" look and feels comfortable and not like wearing a product. I enjoy that it is in a lipstick form as it has the feel of putting on makeup without the heaviness of actually wearing it.

Amanda E.
Pretty Good Natural Lip Color

I love here color changing products that make our lips the perfect pink! It'sthe perfect color for me and moisturizing too. My only concern is it doesn't last very long. Smash Box has similar products for lips that last a great deal longer. Overall, very happy with the purchase!

V W.
Absolutely dreamy

This might be the dreamiest lip product I've tried in a long time. It's an amazing lip moisturizer but also shifts to a lovely, sheer pink on the lips. Basically, it's a very tasteful mood lipstick in the form of a lip balm. It's friggin genius. For those of you who are wondering, like I was, if this seemingly clear balm has any color, the answer is yes. Your results might vary, but mine shifts to a very sheer but bright pink. My lips get pale so I'm always looking for something to wake my face up. I have a feeling I'll be using this for a LONG time.

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Amanda E.
Great lipstick That Becomes Perfect Shade for Your Lips

A bit alarmed when this lipstick came with no light pink color as in picture but I did realize it was one of those become your best lip color shades. So once it warmed up and I did a couple of coats on my list was fine. Beautiful, feels nice, smooth, but leaves your lips shiney and appearing bigger. The perfect pink for a fair girl for everyday or at night. My only complaint, it comes off pretty easily. But it us is moisturizing and your lips don't feel dry after applying it. Worth the cost.

Brittany T.
maybe broken?

I LOVE this product. I like the subtle flush and the intense hydration. I suffer from extreme dry lips and this works great. I am a bit disappointed that the product moves in the tube and has become quite a mess :( I would give it 5 stars if the product was not shifting so bad in the tube...

C L.
best tinted lip balm I've used?!?!

Before I got this I have tried both the tinted lip balm by Fresh and the colour changing lip balm by Dior. The Fresh one was too soft and sticky on the lips, and the Dior one was super drying and not moisturizing at all. This product, however, locks all the moisture in without the tackiness, and leaves a sheer rosy tone on my lips. I don't understand why I've never heard of anyone raving or reviewing or recommending this product, since it's far better than the other more well-known two.

R T.

Sorry to say that this doesn't qualify as a balm for me. Didn't moisturize during cold months.