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Incredibly Pigmented and Long Lasting

There are very few eyeliners that I trust on my waterline. It is incredibly difficult to find something that is not only pigmented enough that it stands out, but also long lasting enough that I can expect it to last throughout a night without constantly needing to reapply. I'm happy to say that THIS is one of the few that has passed my rigorous testing. Not only is it incredibly pigmented, it has incredible lasting power, not requiring constant reapplication to get you through a night. I've used liners from many, MANY different brands, and I can truthfully say few have impressed me more than this one from IT Cosmetics. A must buy.

Amazing Double Tasker

This is one brush that you absolutely need in your collection. It not only looks luxurious, but it truly feels luxurious as your using it. The bristles are incredibly high quality and work to give you a beautiful airbrushed finish. I personally love the convenience of having both a concealer and foundation brush in one, and both sides work fantastically well. I've used the foundation side with both liquid and powder foundations, and have used the concealer brush for both liquid and cream. I've found that both sides achieve amazing results for all consistencies of products, which has led to this gem becoming a permanent staple in my brush collection.

Smells Heavenly

I started using Sachajuan products a few months ago and immediately fell in love. They're simple but SUPER effective, and my hair absolutely loves them. One of my favorite parts of the Sachajuan products, though, has to be the insanely great signature scent that they all carry. It's almost a musky floral that lasts all day in your hair, even just using the shampoo or conditioner. So when I had the opportunity to try out the Hair Perfume with that same scent I jumped at the chance. It's the same amazing scent (though quite a bit stronger, obviously) but carries some major hair benefits such as UV protection and heat protection as well. Just one or two spritzes will leave my hair smelling amazing all day. I love it and have been using it daily - one of my favorite hair products, hands down!

AMAZING Undereye Concealer

As someone with ridiculously dark under eye circles, I've tried just about every concealer there is. For warmer weather, I absolutely adore By Terry's Touche Veloutee, but for colder weather when my skin gets quite pale (and thus my dark circles more prominent) I needed something that packed a little more punch. Enter the Densiliss Concealer. I had already fallen in love with the Densiliss Primer + Foundation, and this concealer proved to be equally amazing. I find that it gives a wonderful medium coverage with a creamy, liquid consistency that manages to conceal without drying out my under eye or settling into fine lines. In a word, this concealer is PERFECTION! I can not be without it.

Simply the Best

This concealer/highlighter hybrid is my go-to for my everyday makeup. With a lightweight, fluid texture it provides medium coverage that doesn't crease or settle into fine lines. It's an absolute must for my dark circles, and perhaps the most illuminating, beautiful concealer I've ever come across. The price might seem steep, but you get a LOT of product for your money. For example, I have used mine most every day since buying it last March and I'm still on my first brush. I bought another one in anticipation of running out back in July, but have yet to even break it out! This is definitely a star product from an amazing brand.

Amazing Foundation (with a Nauseating Price Tag)

I'm 23 years old, so I'm certainly not the targeted demographic for this "wrinkle control" foundation. However, I will try any foundation that's marketed as looking like your skin but better, so I tried out a sample of this to see what it was like. With the absurdly expensive price tag, I honestly wish I could say that I hated this stuff and it's not worth the money.'s pretty darn amazing. With a semi-matte finish, this stuff glides on your skin, giving you fairly moderate coverage while looking COMPLETELY natural. I can't speak to the anti-aging claims, but I can say that as a foundation this is one of the best I have ever tried.

For the product itself, I would give this five stars without a doubt. It looks gorgeous and natural, and (on top of a hydrating primer and moisturizer) it did not look "too dry" on my normal to dry skin at all. The color shades are a bit funky (I would've thought with my fair skin I'd be more of a 2 or 4, but turned out to be a perfect match for 5) but the color adjusts to your skin tone which is quite helpful. This stuff would be a perfect 5 stars if not for the price tag. I understand that it's a skincare/makeup hybrid (which I love), and honestly I know it's a luxury brand so I could see it being sold at $75 and sounding more reasonable. $115 is fairly extreme. That being said, this foundation was stunning enough that I will (guiltily) be forking over the money for it. I loved what it did for my skin.

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