May Lindstrom

The Problem Solver

Getting the most from The Problem Solver

Use one tablespoon of powder with equal parts water to form soft, rich mousse. Smooth over skin and relax until fully dry. Expect a tingling heat sensation. Rinse, and follow with The Youth Dew and The Blue Cocoon.

Works well with...

Works well with...


Bess M.
The Reviews Don't Lie

This may be my favorite mask EVER. I have the kind of skincare collection that makes my friends envious and would make a financial advisor tremble. To say I have way too many products would be an understatement. It's a compulsion...what can I say? And yet, despite the dozens of masks I cycle through, this is the only one I am really, truly in love with, 'til death do us part. Finding a mask that I want to repurchase is a momentous occasion by itself. Finding one that I plan to repurchase repeatedly is...well, it's never happened until now.

I don't know what sorcery is in this mask, but the somewhat fiery combination of ingredients (your skin will burn, like a really pleasant way) leaves my very dry, very finicky, often sensitive skin so bright and balanced. My face glows. The same effect has been replicated with every single person who comes into my house and accepts my aggressive invitation to try it. Normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin (yes, sensitive skin!)--this mask is for you. This is the Bernie Sanders of masks. A mask that is truly for the people.

Add it to your cart right now. Try it as soon as it arrives. Thank me later.

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Maggie K.
Can't Live Without It

Well, I can live without it, but I wouldn't want to.

This is the mask that made me believe in using masks frequently - I use this twice a week, every week, and it's been a major love of mine since I discovered it six months ago. I even have a backup, despite the fact this product will last months and months (the jar is huge).

You mix the mask with water & apply in circular motions, then leave it on for 45 min - an hour. I almost always leave it on for the hour. It warms in the first 15 min of use (from cayenne & other spices), and over the course of the hour that I keep it on, it mellows and the warming sensation subsides. I was worried the first time I used it, but my extremely sensitive skin has never once suffered an adverse reaction from ingredients in the mask. Of course, check ingredients list & proceed with caution if you have sensitivities.

The feeling I get the morning after using this mask makes it so addictive - my skin is clear, bright, and insanely soft.

I cannot recommend this mask enough to those who want a deep clean or suffer from congested skin.

I love May Lindstrom products & am so thrilled Beautylish now carries them!

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Morgan H.
A Must Have Mask

After having somewhat iffy results with the Clean Dirt, I wasn't sure how my dry (but blemish prone) skin would react to this. After just one use, though, all my worries were erased - this mask is truly a must have.

While you can combine the powdered formula with a plethora of different liquids, the easiest (and my personal favorite) is just plain old water. When combined, they create an almost mousse-like consistency, which can then be applied using a brush.

My skin is always left glowing after this and, even though my skin is naturally dry, this never leaves it feeling tight or overtly dry. Instead it clears my skin completely, erasing blackheads and diminishing angry red blemishes.

This is my must-have mid-week mask, and the first I'd turn to on days where my skin is looking a little sluggish or dull.

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Samuel W.
Effective, luxurious, FUN!

There are few things in this life I enjoy more than a quality mask. When I saw the price tag, my eyebrow lifted significantly. Don't let that jar you too much -- you're already on an online luxury boutique! The ingredients truly speak for themselves! I suggest applying this product with a brush as depicted in the video tutorial. Applying with fingers moves the product too much and it doesn't sit in a clean layer the way it needs to. I used one of my old synthetic foundation paddle brushes (not good quality, kind of a knockaround) and it did the job fabulously. I let it sit for a long time. I think it said 45 minutes (or until dry) but I went over a hair. When you apply the mask, you feel it "activate" right away. That's one of my favorite concepts with this mask: it remains inactive and as a result, maintains a more stable shelf life, which is invaluable since masks aren't an EVERY DAY thing. You can smell the different elements of this gorgeous earthy mask and it's SO satisfying. You pick up the bamboo-ey nature of the charcoal as a wave of cacao hits you, all the while this lovely tingly sensation sets in as the mask begins to sink into the skin and dry. At the end of it, I washed with water and a very slight touch of castille soap. My skin felt COMPLETELY recharged. This diverse blend of herbs, cacao and charcoal is a TRUE treat for your skin. Oh, and the best part? (at least for me) This mask OPENS up your skin so it can drink in all the nutrition you feed it after. If you have an extra penny and love healthy skin, this is the ticket, girl!

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Sasha U.

I can finally review this after using it a few times, yay!! So this is a strong scented powder that activates with water. you do not need one part water one part mask, you truly only need a little water. My biggest complaint is the fact that when you open it, no matter what, some is going to get in your nose and it's just uncomfortable. The powder is very fine so it flies everywhere and it has a strong smell. it does kinda smell like cinnamon but it's faint. It just smells "strong" to me if that makes sense??! I bought the brush and bowl and they're definitely handy to have if you don't have one already. You don't specifically need the bowl made to go with this mask :)

This mask is a problem solver, really. When I first used it I was pretty happy that it felt like a deep clean. It also got rid of most of my black heads in one go. I've been having skin problems and it's been acting up. It's irritated, dry, patchy and I'm even breaking out. While this is not strong enough (nor have I been using it long enough) to address all my issues, it definitely does help. It's expensive but you get so much product and you only need a small amount. as soon as you get the hang of how much you need for your face, you should be golden. You also just need enough water for it to turn into a mousse texture.

It does help acne, definitely toned down my redness, and like I said improved my blackheads significantly.

So the first time I applied it I realized I could build it up? Maybe it's the brush but it applied pretty sheer and uneven, which is very annoying. In the end it's okay, because regardless it'll dry and do what it's supposed to, but it can still be ehhh.

At first I made the mask thick and tonight I made it thinner.

Let me put this next part in caps so you all can understand...


It will burn, and if you do it thick like I did it's going to feel like you put fire on your face. The weirdest thing is that it's not a terrible burn, and it's not irritating your skin. But you have to know the difference between "allergy on skin" pain to "mask tingles a lot" which you will feel it! The burning is right on the surface and disappears once the mask is dry.

When I did my mask as sheer it helped just as much and burned much less. Just don't freak out when it starts to burn.

Here's what it's done for me: Brightened skin reduced pimples slightly calmed skin from irritation

Like I said, it's not strong enough for what I need but it's a great maintence item or for someone with less serious acne. Overall, 10/10 one of the best products on the market.

I researched it a bit (by that I mean I read reviews) and while most are great some say it's basically Indian healing clay. I don't know what it is as I've never tried it but I guess it's worth trying if you can't spend the cash on this?

(for background info, I am 19 with very dry skin and hormonal acne.)

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Debra M.
Serious Skincare

I read all the reviews and thought this mask was too good to be true. After using it once a week for the past month, I'm a convert. My skin is mature but oily. I use an older clean brush and a small glass bowl to prepare the mask and I leave it on around an hour. It's pulled out and healed my skin from blackheads, my large pores have diminished and blocked sebaceous glands are no more. My skin glows, is smooth and I don't have to wear foundation! I call it serious skincare because it is expensive, takes a little effort to prepare and apply, and does warm up upon application. It's a worthwhile investment in yourself.

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Iman A.
I hated it at first

When I first tried this mask I really hated it, it gave me new spots every time I used it. However the rest of my face felt really nice and that made me continue using it. I later realized these spots were the deep impurities within my skin brought up to the surface by the mask. And after a month of using it I HAVEN'T BROKEN OUT SINCE! I've been using this for 5 months now; and use it once to twice a week in combination with the Clean Dirt and Honey Mud and it became my favorite weekly ritual. I really feel the difference when I skip it and use other masks. This does REALLY WORK

Initial price point might be a little steep but when you look at the amount of product you're getting it's really not. Also the fact the ingredients are in dry form it means it has a really long shelf life which is always a plus.

5/5 recommend

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Bre J.
Photo of product included with review by Bre J.

After reading countless glowing reviews about this little jar of miracles I was sold. I have a *slight* obessesion with skincare products. I’ve tried products from the drugstore to the super pricey luxury, and everything in between. Unfortunately, I have never found anything I just absolutely love (with the exception of Sisley, buuuut I can’t justify consistently purchasing a $700 cream). With that said, I set out to find something amazing! This sounded like a winner. I promptly added the entire May collection to my cart, checked out, and impatiently awaited their arrival.

A bit about my skin before we go any further. I have combination skin, around my nose & chin I usually get dry patches, and a bit oily between my brows. Nothing extreme or unmanageable. I get the occasional pimples, usually appearing around my chin and forehead area. Maybe 1-2 at a time, nothing more. I have a good diet, drink plenty of water, supplements, and take what I think is pretty good care of my skin. My complexion is a bit dull though, I wanted to find something to help with those few little breakouts, large pores, and give my skin a beautiful glow.

Fast forward, package arrives. I rip open the box and examine my pricey new additions. Packaging is gorgeous, feels luxe, and as always, Beautylish has lovingly packed everything perfectly.

I decide to introduce one product at a time to my skin. Don’t want to make my skin angry, right? I have a few small pimples on my forehead, this arrived at just the right time! I decide to start with the problem solver, to you know, solve my breakout problem.

I was so excited about this product, I literally took a “before” photo for the first time ever. I could not wait to see the amazing changes my skin was about to undergo as all the reviews raved about.

Day 1, I use the mask as directed. I honestly hate the smell, it’s very odd. I’d rather smell Good Genes all day long over it, but for good skin I can suffer through the smell. There’s a slight tingling, burning feeling but nothing major. Moving on to day two. By mid-day I can see bumps under my skin forming. Maybe purging some reviews talked about? Okay, that’s fine whatever. I guess that means it’s really getting deep down in there? I decide to use it as a spot treatment, a dab it on the areas that night before bed.

Day three, my face is ANGRY. More bumps are forming under the skin, and the previous ones have made their way to the surface, they’re now large cystic like acne.

Fast forward a week, my face is continuing to worsen. I have no idea why but I did not connect it at the time to the mask. So what do I do? Let’s throw on another mask to help with this situation! And that’s what I did. The next my skin was far worse. Far, far, faaaaaar worse than I have ever seen it.

There are clusters of cystic acne all over my forehead, and new ones still forming under my skin. It’s covered in scabs. It HURTS. OMG does it hurt. I can barely touch my skin, it hurts to even wash my face and I have had to stop using all of my other skincare because it burns all the open sores so badly.

So I write this, as I sit in bed crying about my skin and how badly it hurts. I know, I know, there are much bigger problems out there. I’m sure it worked for a lot, but for me it was an awful mistake.

*sidenote: this was the only new thing added to my routine. Same diet, no new medications, same makeup, same skincare routine with my tried and true products. Adequate sleep, no stress, not that time of the month, etc.

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Michelle D.
Clearing, smells amazing.

I was so excited to get this mask. I have sensitive, oily skin and see a dermatologist regularly. This mask wasn't too intense for my sensitive skin. It takes an hour to fully dry, and smells amazing. A teaspoon is enough for a thick application, and the container will last forever. The thicker application does take some effort to wash off. After the mask, my skin looked amazing, my pores were smaller, skin was softer and blemishes and clogged pores were clearing. The effects of problem solver definitely last a few days. I do think the first use had a minor purging effect on congested areas of my skin, and my skin looked better two days after this mask than the first day. After the second application, my skin is immediately clearer, some scars looks immediately faded, pores smaller, super smooth. This mask is definitely my new must have. I'm thrilled with the results.

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Allie A.
So expensive- but so worth it!!

This product is hands down the best mask I have ever used. Wearing makeup every day can be very rough on your skin and this is the first product that has ever actually worked.

It's very easy to use and mixing it up to that 'brownie batter like consistency' is actually kind of cool. You have to keep it on your skin for a while- longer than most masks- but you could easily be doing other stuff when wearing it. It doesn't drip or run so you can do your laundry or dishes. Or just relax, which is what I usually do!

Being able to actually SEE a difference is amazing. If you suffer from congested skin this mask is for you- hands down. This product is a splurge. But your skin is definetely worth it.

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