May Lindstrom

The Honey Mud


Morgan H.
My Favorite Face Mask. Ever.

So I know this product is technically marketed as a cleansing silk (and it does work well as a cleanser), but I personally use it far more frequently as a face mask.

As someone who has dry, but blemish-prone skin, it's nearly impossible to find a face mask that works. It needs to be hydrating and nourishing to my skin, but strong enough to get rid of blemishes. This is the first and only mask I've EVER found that accomplishes both (and I've tried dozens and dozens, as a beauty blogger).

It smells like a little piece of heaven, and applies easier than any other honey-based product I've come across. The creamy consistency spreads easily, and I usually leave it on for about 45 minutes before washing it off, only to reveal simply glowing skin.

With ingredients such as raw honey, colloidal silver and Halloysite Clay, this mask manages to be both clarifying and hydrating, thanks to its antibacterial properties found in many of the ingredients. It's truly a little miracle worker and one that has kept my skin in better shape than ever before.

My one and only problem with it is I use it so often that I go through it more quickly than May's other generously sized products. I suppose I could use it less, but it's so wonderful that's a hard thing to do!

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Deidra M.
Not For Oily Skin

I used this for a little over a month as a morning cleanser and suffered from clogged pores and sporadic, frequent breakouts. I usually just have 1 or two pimples during menstruation.

It left this odd, waxy film on my face and my face never had a clean feeling. After a month I stopped using this product as a cleanser and just use as a mask(mixed with the Problem Solver) and my skin has gone back to normal.

I wouldn't repurchase this product.

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Maggie K.
Phenomenal cleanser

I am thrilled that Beautylish is now selling my favorite skincare range - May Lindstrom! This cleanser is gorgeous, smells otherworldly & is a lovely morning or second cleanse at night.

I highly recommend applying the product to dry skin, massage, leave for about 5-10 min & then rinse with water. For more of a deep cleanse, you can also use a damp face cloth to remove.

This leaves my sensitive, reactive skin so smooth, calm, and happy.

I highly recommend to sensitive skinned folks who want a gentle, but thorough, clean from a gorgeously natural brand.

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Melanie C. Team
smells like chocolate. gives skin a glowing look

One of my favorite words in the whole world is HONEY. I think it just conjures up something warm, delicious, sticky, and just comforting and the smell and not only the medicinal properties but beauty properties that go with it are amazing. It's definitely one of those ancient beauty ingredients that have been used FOREVER and that totally fascinates me!

The Honey Mud can be used as both a cleanser and a face mask although I personally use it only as a face mask. It's a bit sticky for my personal taste as a cleanser. But as a mask, it just glides on so smoothly, feels really comfortable and while it never exactly dries down, it's just a super luxurious way to end my night. The mask is basically a mix of honey, clay, plant oils, and anti-bacterial ingredients like collodial silver, which I had never tried before!

When I use this mask, my skin just looks much more glowy and soft and I had some blemishes on my skin this week and this helped to tone them down and take away the redness. The texture is very thick and viscous, hence, the name, and smells like a delicious chocolate bar. A little definitely goes a long way, you don't need much! So I do anticipate the jar, while a bit pricey, will last me for quite a while.

This was my first experience with one of May's products and it just makes me that much more excited to try the rest of her line!

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Amanda H.
You need this in your life.

I am almost 40 and have dry skin with some oiliness on my T zone. It's hard to find a good mask that doesn't dry out my skin or cause it to feel greasy when it's advertised as "moisturizing." This product can also be used as a cleanser, but I use mine as a mask only. I like to use this once a week and leave it on for 30 minutes and then apply the May Lindstrom blue cocoon. This duo works wonders for my skin. I recently ordered the problem solver mask because I saw a youtube video by Stephanie Nicole and she mixes that mask with the honey mud. So far, I am beyond impressed with the May Lindstrom brand. I don't mind the price when something works and this delivers.

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Renata  A.
It's ok

For the price I wish I saw better results. I use it as a cleanser and a mask. It works great as a morning cleanser because it is so gentle. But there are many other very great and gentle cleansers that are way cheaper and also have great ingredients. As a mask I don't really see a difference in my skin after using it.

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Jill B.
Didn't work with my skin...

I am a fan of May Lindstrom's The Problem Solver and was hoping this cleanser/mask would work for my combination skin. It smells lovely and is packed with wonderful ingredients but it seemed to leave a slight film (honey?) on top of my skin and I had a few breakouts every time I used it. I do have skin that reacts to almost anything, so it could be me.

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Mikki E.
Amazing Mask and Cleanser!

I received this product a week and a half ago and it has exceeded my expectations! It has an amazing earthy, cocoa and honey scent! I have dry skin with pigmentation issues, and this product has healed my damaged skin. I have used it as a mask and a daily cleanser with positive results. With the high quality ingredients it is well worth the price!

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Andres Z.
Baby soft skin in 20 minutes!

I can't believe I took so long to try this! I'd been on the market for a great moisturizing mask for a while, and most just didn't seem to cut it, mostly because I wanted something that also had great skincare benefits.

When I finally got around to trying this after having it at the office for a while, I immediately knew I found the one! It's not only incredibly hydrating, but the combination of antibacterial and soothing ingredients really pamper the skin.

As someone with sensitive combination skin, I find this soothes any redness I may be experiencing and normalizes my oily/dry areas. It also smells absolutely amazing which is a nice bonus!

If you've been curious about trying this, stop what you're doing and get it! You won't be disappointed.

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A C.
Great Mask

Read several reviews on this product before purchasing it. Have been using it as a mask and love it. Makes my skin feel cleaner, softer and nourished at the same time. I think it may be a bit too thick as a cleanser, however as a mask its really really good! Tastes sweet also.

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