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Morgan H.
Bright and Beautiful Skin in a Bottle

I am a tough critic when it comes to body oils. While my skin is dry (so body oils should work well) I usually find that oils are too thick or don't absorb very well, so I often end up avoiding them.

This is easily one of the best body oils I have used in my life - not only does it absorb instantly, it leaves my skin hydrated, soft and glowing thanks to the mica found in the formula. This is a must have for me during summer months, because it always leaves my legs and arms looking and feeling about a 100x better.

The price is...a lot, admittedly, but you do get a large quantity for what you pay for. If you're okay spending the money, I'd highly recommend this - your skin will thank you.

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Melanie C. Team

Like Morgan H, I am also a tough critic when it comes to body oils. I like something that is very hydrating but doesn't leave me feeling greasy or transfer to clothes either. I don't want to feel like I slather myself in Crisco for hours afterwards! My other criteria is that it can't have any bad or filler ingredients in it either. Body oil should be pure, you know?

I'm a huge fan of May's other products in her line ie Honey Mud, Problem Solver, Clean Dirt, Youth Dew, so obviously the next step was trying The Good Stuff. Holy wow does it smell good, like a very tantalizing scent of cocoa and sunshine. The sunshine part reflects in that the body oil also leaves an ever so subtle gold shimmer on the skin, but nothing that is extremely J-Lo bright. Just lovely, healthy looking skin.

I've used this in my hair when I'm too lazy to melt my monoi oil for my hair as a pre oil treatment before showering (my other #1 for body oils thanks to my upbringing in Polynesian dancing) and this has really worked wonders on the one half of my hair that is damaged and dry due to bleaching. And also, if your significant other wants to be nice and give you a massage, this works really great too. I will say that I use this on slightly damp skin right out of the shower to help the oil glide on my skin with much more ease and it also allows you to actually use less product too. It might be a bit pricey as far as body oils go, but the way I see it, it will last you quite a long time, especially if you apply to damp skin! Plus I smell great afterwards ;)

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Rachel L.
Heaven in a Bottle

I recently discovered May's products, and they're so sexy and indulgent. The Good Stuff has become my new holy grail product for my skin, hair, nails, everywhere. The fragrance is very rich, like dark chocolate without being too sweet. And it has a gold shimmer to it that just makes everything it touches glow like it's lit from within. May described it to me as ' lingerie without fabric ' and she is so right. Just using it makes me feel sexy, and my skin has never felt softer. I also highly recommended her Honey Mud cleanser, Blue Cocoon, and Problem Solver mask. The entire line is like a religious experience.

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Kimberly B.
I Had High Hopes, But....

From reading the prior reviews, I was REALLY looking forward to receiving this oil! It sounded just perfectly heavenly. Unfortunately, I'm just not sold on it🙁 It's an "ok" oil.....but for the price, I was expecting to definitely be wowed by it.....because I don't typically just drop $120 on a body oil every day. The smell is very nice (although again, I wasn't really wowed by it....I mean, good ol' coconut oil smells just as good to me). The problem I have is that it soaks into my skin SO very quickly that I have to almost use 1/4 of the bottle just to cover my arms and legs. That's spending $30/day on JUST body oil! Now, maybe my skin is simply ultra dry??? Perhaps. But I've never had this same issue with other less expensive oils. So, all in all, I'm sad to say I wasn't impressed. This is the first May Lindstrom product I've tried (although I also bought the jasmine garden facial mist but haven't used it yet). I hardly EVER return anything, but for $120? I think I may have to return this, as it makes more sense to use that amount of $$$ to purchase something that I'm going to LOVE (like the TF cream eyeshadows😊)

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Claudia M.
Good but over priced

I feel like it's a good product - certainly not mind blowing but with the price tag it comes with... definitely not worth the cost. I guessing I could get similar results from oils from my health food store.

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