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The Jasmine Garden

Tips from May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden enhances the effectiveness of all her skin care treatments, increasing the absorption of oils and balms, while also cleansing, calming and refreshing the skin all throughout the day.

At night, May loves misting the Jasmine Garden on her pillow to her sleep.


Morgan H.
Delectable Luxury

I've always been pretty skeptical when it comes to face mists. I have dry skin, so people recommend them to me all the time, but I never really understood the point to spending so much money on a product that didn't seem essential.

I'm not going to lie to you and say this particular mist will change your routine - but it will better it. First off, there's the scent, which is a stunning bouquet of florals that just puts you in the piece headspace. Right off the bat the aroma won me over, and if May decided to make a perfume of it I would be the first in line.

But let's talk about the actual results. I, personally, don't find this mist to be overly hydrating. Spraying a bit of it does certainly help my skin absorb any serum I apply after, but for dry skin like mine I would never use this as just a lightweight moisturizer alone. The real star quality for this formula comes in its treatment of blemishes. The ingredients of colloidal silver and witch hazel are fantastic at reducing redness and providing antibacterial properties to your complexion, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in blemishes since adding this.

So while this might not be my first recommendation from the line (that honor would have to go to the Blue Cocoon or the Honey Mud), I did still love it enough that I was willing to part with the $60 for it. And if you're in the market for a luxurious face mist with blemish-fighting properties, this is your guy right here.

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Caitlin H.
I love this product and beautylish!

I'm a big fan of facial mists and I use them every day. This one is going to the top of the list! The smell is intoxicating, it feels devine and leaves your skin glowing! What more could you ask for. This is my first time ordering from beautylish and I'm blown away. Not only did my products arrive quickly and safely, they were beautifully wrapped and included a personalized note and a sample of a product I've been dying to try. I'm so impressed and will be placing many more orders with beautylish! ❤️

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Maggie K.
Excellent toner!

I love this toner - smells LUSH, calms redness, soothes sensitive or blemish prone skin, and preps skin gorgeously for oils and moisture to go on top.

I am totally on board with spritzes and spray toners, though I don't usually go for ones this luxurious (read: expensive). I actually do see a difference in the clarity of my skin and the absorption of my oils when I use this, though. Lovely as an addition for an already great skincare regime and recommend for fellow face spritz addicts!

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Helen F.

I hate that I love this stuff. I mean, $70 for a face mist!? I bought it as a splurge but really this is a glorious product. The smell of course is amazing but that is not what makes this a great product for me. I believe the silver helps prevent breakouts. I haven't had one pimple since using this spray. I ran out and am back to dealing with the random pimples that plague me. So even though I wasn't planning on making this a staple, I guess I will be repurchasing.

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Simone D.
A Tropical Paradise

Okay, so when I got this beauty, I immediately HAD to spray my face and at first....I hated it. I love jasmine, its my favorite scent in the world, but I had become so use to the purified, chemical jasmine so many brands use....this, however, smells EXACTLY like the air of a tropical summer night, down the way from a jasmine patch. It was on my second attempt, later that night, when I closed my eyes and spritzed my face that I got it. It clicked. And now I'm hooked. This and Omoroviczas QOG Water will never leave my shelves. I'm a sucker for luxury facial mists and this....its pure, natural luxury. My first ML product, but I'm so ready to dive into more after this gem!

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Mary L.

I am truly happy I purchased the Jasmine Garden, I use it before and after makeup. It's amazing, its so refreshing and calming. My skin is at its greatest because of this product. I would find myself scratching my face because I HAD irritated skin but not anymore because of this baby. :)

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Sylvana G.
Really has the scent of Jasmine

Lovely scent, refreshing on the face! I spray it on before makeup, after makeup or whenever I need to refresh my face! I spray it on my pillow case at bedtime, and it's going to travel with me in a few weeks! Just love it so much!

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Sophia C.

I used this as spray to calm my skin down whenever I have a burning sensation after my skincare routine. This is truly a holy grail and a must for all.

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Alyssa M.

First off, this is an expensive skin mist, but it is amazing! The smell is wonderful and calming. This mist is hydrating for the skin and give this beautiful glow! I use it when my skin needs some moisture. My favorite time to use this is as a setting spray for my makeup. It just adds this gorgeous and youthful glow to my skin after all my makeup is applied. It is also great in conjunction with May's other products, like the Honey Mud. I will spray this on my face after I apply the Honey Mud mask, and it's just wonderful. You can spray this all over your body for a calming and balancing feeling. I was skeptical at first, but I now know how wonderful and worth it this spray is to my skin!

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Sophia C.
My Holy Grail

I will never use another Toner/Mist again. I used this in my skincare routine and it is calming. It's a good primer for heavy moisturizers. I love it and please don't ever EVER discontinue.

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