May Lindstrom

The Jasmine Garden

Tips from May Lindstrom

May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden enhances the effectiveness of all her skin care treatments, increasing the absorption of oils and balms, while also cleansing, calming and refreshing the skin all throughout the day.

At night, May loves misting the Jasmine Garden on her pillow to her sleep.


Amanda L.
Did not work for me

I love May Lindstrom's message and really relate to her sensitive skin struggles. Unfortunately after using for a couple of days I started to get a rash on my face and breakouts on my chest. I believe the essential oils in the product do not agree with my skin. I also experienced irritation from the other leave on products from her line. I also did not see any benefit from this mist other than the experience it provides. It is very strong as you would expect from a product named the Jasmine Garden. In my opinion this is the least necessary product from May's line. I am a faithful user of The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt but this was not for me.

Brandon W.
Bliss in a Black Bottle

A delightfully intoxicating and warm experience, the Jasmine Garden facial mist is an absolute MUST have in your skincare regimen. I've stolen a spritz or two from my boyfriend's bottle in-between time and I recently had a chance to grab a bottle of my own. I use it directly after I get out of the shower when I layer my products and right before bed--it soothes the skin, shrinks my pores, and leaves my face glowing and soft. Well worth the price, I'm looking forward to seeing how long this bottle will last and purchasing the next one.

EDIT: Revising my review and giving it 4 stars. Though I received the bottle just a few days ago, for some odd reason it felt light and when shaken it sounded like it wasn't necessarily full. I held it up to a spotlight and noticed it definitely wasn't. A little annoyed since I'd expect to receive a full bottle for the price. It's done such great things with my eczema and rosacea that I can't bother waiting a few days for a replacement to be sent. Terrible dilemma to be in, but I'll survive. : (

Christina W.
May Lindstrom
Photo of product included with review by Christina W.

I have been loving every single one of my May Lindstrom purchases. My skin is temperamental. I’m 32 years old and finally have invested in my skin care and just better ways to care for myself.

Christina W.
May Lindstrom
Photo of product included with review by Christina W.

I have been loving every single one of my May Lindstrom purchases. My skin is temperamental. I’m 32 years old and finally have invested in my skin care and just better ways to care for myself.

Lynzee  L.
Nice, but price is not justified.

I adore ML anything. I adore this mist because I know it has top notch ingredients. The jasmine scent is a favorite scent of mine, gets me all in my feels and works well enough for my skin, but I'd be lying if I said it was life changing or even skin changing. I also feel like I go through this way too fast to justify the price tag. I find a great quality rose water gives my skin better results and is far more affordable than this.

NOTE: The mist from the sprayer on this bottle is perfection. I am reusing it for my current rosewater. I highly recommend repurposing these Miron glass bottles if you can. They're expensive to produce, and great for preserving oils and liquids for much longer than typical clear glass bottles!

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Rori G. Team
Bedtime Ritual

Spritzing this around my face as I settle into bed has become a favorite ritual-- it instantly puts a smile on my face and helps me relax. The jasmine scent is just dreamy!

Alyssa M.

First off, this is an expensive skin mist, but it is amazing! The smell is wonderful and calming. This mist is hydrating for the skin and give this beautiful glow! I use it when my skin needs some moisture. My favorite time to use this is as a setting spray for my makeup. It just adds this gorgeous and youthful glow to my skin after all my makeup is applied. It is also great in conjunction with May's other products, like the Honey Mud. I will spray this on my face after I apply the Honey Mud mask, and it's just wonderful. You can spray this all over your body for a calming and balancing feeling. I was skeptical at first, but I now know how wonderful and worth it this spray is to my skin!

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Simone D.
A Tropical Paradise

Okay, so when I got this beauty, I immediately HAD to spray my face and at first....I hated it. I love jasmine, its my favorite scent in the world, but I had become so use to the purified, chemical jasmine so many brands use....this, however, smells EXACTLY like the air of a tropical summer night, down the way from a jasmine patch. It was on my second attempt, later that night, when I closed my eyes and spritzed my face that I got it. It clicked. And now I'm hooked. This and Omoroviczas QOG Water will never leave my shelves. I'm a sucker for luxury facial mists and this....its pure, natural luxury. My first ML product, but I'm so ready to dive into more after this gem!

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Helen F.

I hate that I love this stuff. I mean, $70 for a face mist!? I bought it as a splurge but really this is a glorious product. The smell of course is amazing but that is not what makes this a great product for me. I believe the silver helps prevent breakouts. I haven't had one pimple since using this spray. I ran out and am back to dealing with the random pimples that plague me. So even though I wasn't planning on making this a staple, I guess I will be repurchasing.

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Tammi R.
Heavenly chocolate mist!!

Refreshing, light mist. Smells like the Honey Mud. The scent of chocolate lingers long after applied { I mist my décolletage as well}. My face does feel tight afterwards if I don't apply my oil immediately after. Would I repurchase? I dunno... time will tell { it's only been 3 days} I DO enjoy the beautiful {warm, chocolate notes}scent though. I'm not a floral girl.