Beauty Product Reviews

it's alright

This product isn't too bad. It does work, for like half an hour, then I find myself needing to apply it again :/ my hair looks good/not greasy but totally feels greasy :( Also you MUST shake it between each spry because it WILL go on your hair white :/ which is definitely not attractive. Oh and the smell isn't bad at all :-)

one of my faves

I've tried/used a lot of different heat protectants and this is one of my fave. It truly does protect your hair from the heat, the smell isn't too bad as well. One thing is... wait for it to semi dry before straightening or curling :) it seems to work much better. Ohh one thing I don't like about this is the price. For the price its woth, I wouldn't buy it.. I only buy it when its on sale or at tj maxx because I find that nym's heat protestant is totally comparable and it costs way less!

it's okay..

For what its suppose to do, its alright. I've used this for a week and I found that it makes my hair feel good and all but it sometimes makes it look greasy. I personally wouldn't recommend this.

summer scent

This is definitely my summer scent :) I love the smell of it so much, its totally a girl smell. its also not over powering, especially on those hot days. And its long lasting :) and look at the packaging, its just too cute!


Honestly the BEST concealer I've EVER tried! I love the consistency of it, the coverage is def med-full. It stays on ALL DAY! Blends nicely as well.. it's everything I can ask for, for a concealer <3 (I work as a waitress during the summer and it gets really hot where I work at -in the kitchen. And this concealer OMG, saves myyyyy face!!! lol) I love this concealer <3

Great that it's affordable... I love the packaging and the color blends pretty well. Though I'm not a big fan. The consistency of this wasn't as creamy as I want (it felt more dry than all my other concealers), but it does blend well. Another thing that I don't like about this is that it kinda felt sticky once applied. Oh and it doesn't really stay put for a long time.

Great eye primer

You can never go wrong with painterly paint pot! i love itttttt. I use it all the time as an eyeshadow primer/base :) and it never seem to fail me :)


I love how pigmented this lipstick is and omgg soo soo moisturizing! <3 I love this shade as well... :) * Caress Pink + Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Firecracker is gorgeous! * Caress Pink + MAC Lipstick in Peachstock is gorgeous as well (my fave) I can't wait to get more YSL lipsticks!

Great for traveling!

Definitely great for traveling :) I seriously could just bring this palette (for eyeshadows and blush) :D It is very convenient to have I swear and very pigmented <3 (Like all over CS products lol)

Almost a 5

:) I don't use this everyday.. but it is a great thing to have when traveling :) I love all the shades in this, especially the blush.... as for the dark brown (for contouring), it can sometimes be a bit too dark (so you gotta have a light hand for it).... but it doesn't really matter for you can lighten it with the lighter shades if you apply to much on :) Any who, I think this palette is worth it and good to have :)

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