EFFACERNES - Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer


Phoebe H.

I hate using it because I don't want to run out haha! I love it I hate the price on it though :) I'm a big Lancôme girl when it comes to all my face foundation, powders , concealers . Moisturizers and face primers!! You get what you pay for :) this goes on smooth and is not all clumpy or thick!!

Anna B.

the best concealer I have ever tried! I have oily skin and concealers stay on my face for an 4 hours or so before melting off. but this stays on ALL DAY!I use it for under eye darkness and spot concealing. a definite must have.

Natalie C.
The only concealer that stays put in the Singapore heat

So, either I would have to always have to primer under my concealer, or I could just use this. Living in Singapore means living with 80-100% everyday, 365 days a year. I love the heat, don't get me wrong, but it's damn annoying when all my beautiful hard work on my makeup for work just starts creasing and melting off within minutes of walking to the bus stop. Not pretty! I bought this essentially for that reason, because it can withstand the heat since it's got a waterproof formula. Also, have you see how big this tube is?! It will DEFINITELY last you a long time, even if you do use this daily for dark undereyes like myself. While I was in China, it was very dry and cold, and I did notice that in this instance you should moisturize at least a little bit. If not, it can get a bit dry, thus accentuating dry spots.

I use this product mainly on my dark circles but it works just as nice at concealing everything! The corners of my nose, pimples, whatever.

Ryan D.
Liquid Gold!

I have been using this since I first started using makeup! I use it as not only an undereye concealer but all over! Everyone things I have great skin, but it's just makeup!

Charmaine M.

Honestly the BEST concealer I've EVER tried! I love the consistency of it, the coverage is def med-full. It stays on ALL DAY! Blends nicely as well.. it's everything I can ask for, for a concealer <3 (I work as a waitress during the summer and it gets really hot where I work at -in the kitchen. And this concealer OMG, saves myyyyy face!!! lol) I love this concealer <3

Patricia R.
Great Product!

This is the only undereye concealer I've used that has lasted all day long! I have very dark circles that never go away (thanks to genetics!) and I usually have to pile on the concealer to cover them, but I only have use a tiny bit of this Lancome concealer. It's amazing!

Cheryl N.
multi-tasking concealer

This is wonderful for dark circles but I use it on any other problem areas I may have; around the mouth, pimples, around the nose..etc. For a liquid concealer, it has great coverage. This concealer never cakes and stays put all day. You only need a tiny bit, the tube will last you many many months. :)