Coastal Scents

Contour & Blush Palette


Alexis B.

The shades are ridiculously pigmented, so you really have to use a light hand when you apply them and blend really well. The only reason I didn't give this product a 5 star rating was becau

Travelon M.
Great Value

I bought this after disastrous results with Ben Nye Banana Powder. I am black with a medium tan complexion. I had watched many YouTube videos with other black women use Banana Powder to set highlight concealer and it looked fab. I just couldn't get it to work for me. It was entirely toooooo yellow!!! So I went on a new hunt to find something to set my highlight/concealer. I couldn't really find what I wanted and decided to purchase Coastal Scents out of sheer desperation! Fabulous!!! I bought it specifically for the top middle row color and was quite concerned that it wouldn't work with my skin color. This stuff is perfect for setting my highlighting/concealer. It not too yellow, not too pale. I like the blushes a good too. The bronzer is too dark right now but should be perfect for the summer when I tan. My foundation routine is now complete and perfect due to this purchase!!!

Haley F.
Not a favorite from Coastal Scents!

I bought this palette on sale last Cyber Monday for a great deal but ended up not being very impressed by it. The palette is very big for only 6 colors in it. I just did not find much use for any of the colors besides maybe the 2 blushes, but I still do not use this at all. The contour color is way to muddy for my light complexion. I bought this palette excited that these would be great because they do not have shimmer in them for contouring and highlighting but was not impressed.

Victoria D.
So disappointed!

I had been really, REALLY wanting this palette for a long time, I finally bit the bullet and purchased it on sale. However, the colors are just almost unusable. They are extremely pigmented (Which is a great thing!) but they're nearly impossible to blend. Even with the lightest touch, it's still a blotchy mess on me. =/ I'll probably keep it around just for using on other people, instead of hauling blushes around, but all in all, I'd never buy another one. Even for other people, I'd almost rather haul blushes around than try to work with this.

Michele C.
Awesome starter palette.

This contour/blush palette is an awesome way for makeup artists to begin building their kits or just to have when starting off so you can experiment and really practice with shaping the face. I did find that some of the colors in this palette got a bit dusty but it wasn't a huge turn-off for me. The product delivered beautifully once i got the hang of it. Due to the dusty powder, I just dabbed my brush with a much lighter hand and found that the product was so nicely pigmented that a slight touch of my brush provided a nice amount of color! I'd say it's probably not the best product ever for everybody but it DOES deliver beautifully and for the price, you can't go wrong! :)

Jason M.
Surprising Quality!

I purchased this same palette from Sedona Lace, not Coastal Scents, and absolutely love it! I have read many reviews on this product, here and elsewhere, stating that the shades are chalky, which has never been my experience. The deeper contour shade is definitely going to be too dark for the extremely fair-complected, but it is absolutely perfect on my skin, (NW20.) Plus, I really think that the first shade on the bottom left is meant as a contour shade for fairer skin tones. Both of the blush shades have a great amount of pigmentation and actually last through my entire 10 hour work day. The more golden colored highlight shade is also gorgeous on my skin and gives a really great, lit-from-within sort of look! I recommend this palette! It is one of my favorites!

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Simera H.

I bought this years ago when I was going through my phase of collecting all the Coastal Scents palettes. First of all the size of the shadows are gigantic, which is fine but the shades are so chalky. I have never used powders that were this chalky before. I think I have used this palette less then 5 times.

Leah C.

Besides being made in China, which is a problem for me, the palette is too big. It is much larger than MAC palette and it is hard to open. The colors are ok, but really aren't the best quality as far as blending goes. Not my fave :-(

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Kenya P.


Laurence P.

Not a fan, the main contour color is just so dark..for people with fair skin ( like me ) its not the best, even used lightly it still looks brown/orange..not so natural, the highlighters are so chalky so are the blushes...its a miss for me.

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