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This palette is perfect! I use it pretty much everyday :) You can create a simple/sophisticated look to a sexy look with this palette! You can NEVER go wrong with it. IT IS TRULY LOVED!!! (I actually need to get me a new one for I have hit pan on some already) Any who, get this palette! Very pigmented and just perfect for everything!


I've had my 88 palette for half a year now and I've never really used it... which is soo weird. :( I never seem to grab for it.. but I did swatch it.. ONCE and the colors are pigmented <3


This is my all time favorite lipstick... EVERRR!!! It is just the perfect color, nude with a pink mauvey undertone :) It's perfect for any season (honestly, I wear it all the time). Even though it is a Satin finish, it is not drying what so ever.

Nude Attitude, Pink Pout, Pink About it

Color Description (according to me): Nude Attitude is like a Peachy Nude with orange undertone. Pink Pout is a Cool pale blue-pink. Pink About It reminds me of a Bright watermelon red. Packaging: Sleek!!! I love how the packaging goes with the whole “matte” thing.

Would I purchase these again?: Sure! I really like them, the dryness doesn’t really bother me because I always use a lip primer/conditioner/balm before applying lipstick anyways.

What I think about it: *Pros: Reasonable Price $$$, Very pigmented, Sleek packaging, Enough color variety, Color Stays, Fragrance-Free! *Cons: Very Drying I think, the paler the lipstick is, the more drying it is. Out of the three, Nude Attitude is unbelieving drying. If you don’t exfoliate or apply lip balm/primer/conditioner before putting these on, be prepared for nasty flaky dry lips! Since it is a “matte” finish, do top it off with some gloss for a more glossy smooth look. (But for me, I really like the “matte” finish, so I don’t apply any gloss.) What I love about these lipsticks is their pigmentation. The color stays for a long time too! (Which is amazing, you can eat and all that and the color will still be on your lips. Well.. that’s how it was for me at least, with Pink Pout.) My favorite out of the three is Pink Pout, I just really love the color. Nude Attitude is my least fave, only because it is so drying! As for Pink About it, it is the creamiest and I love it as much as Pink Pout, but the color is soo soo BRIGHT haha I’m embarrassed to wear it out in public!

All in all, I give these lippies 3.5/5 STARS! ♥

I would definitely purchase this again :)

**I’ve been using this foundation since Feb. ‘10** Another one of my favorite foundations :) It is very comparable to the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation. The Revlon PhotoReady has Great/Medium Coverage. Though on the bottle it says “Complete Coverage,” I still think that it gives you that Natural look, that look that doesn’t look “fake.” You can still see the texture of your faces which is good, but yes! It has great coverage that evens/smooths out your face/complexion. (I don’t need to use concealer with this foundation! Awesome right!?) *For it being a “Medium Coverage,” it is totally build-able for it’s totally Lightweight! It is also Fragrance-free, and Oil-free.

Revlon PhotoReady also gives you a dewy finish, which I love! Oh, and it’s a silky formula too, so it doesn’t go on really cakey! It also doesn’t dry right away, which is good so it’s gives you all the time you need to apply it w/o having to hurry/worry about it drying right away. :) One thing I don’t like about this is there is NOT enough color variety. I believe that there is only 12 to choose from? (But I do say, it’s not that big of a deal because it is really blend-able.)

As for the packaging, I definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It’s totally sleek, the bottle is the same size (pretty close) to the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation, BUT this one has a PUMP which is a TOTAL, total PLUS!!! The pump is great too for it is easily controllable! Great job Revlon on the pump!

Oh, I almost forgot… Yes, Revlon PhotoReady does have a little bit of shimmer. (It’s not “glitters”!!! loll) It’s just a little bit of shimmer, totally not even that noticeable. See pictures below or above.. if you zoom in *click em* you can see the small shimmers.

  • Hue
Perfect nude!

I love love this lipstick! Other than my PeachStock from the Liberty Of London Collection & VIVA Glam II, this one is my fave nudeeee <3 Others washes out my lips too much but this one is just perfect and it is not drying whatsoever.

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