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best lipstick i own!!

So I have a hard time when using lipsticks on my lip. this is my actual favorite choice of lipstick Why? this is the only time that i can use a lipstick with having to apply chap stick underneath. the lipstick is super moist and glides on smoothly. i think im in love with it. Doesnt have a smelly scent to it. Doesnt feel like a lipstick but a feel like you have chapstick on only. Packaging is beautiful and simple. Glides on smooth. Instantly feel your lips smoother, softer, and more moist. Great for those, like me, who have chap lips all the time and all season long. Will go back in repurchase the rest next time. Pricing: ranging for $9-$11. Depends on where you live and get it from. Over all, Awesome!!!

I Love it!!

I wish they would still carry this product where i live at.. I love it. It makes my lashes extra long yet not clumpy. My lashes never looks better than it every does before. It separated my lashes and gave my lashes more volume. Cheap yet great product.

Not worth the price

I heard A LOT of great review on this product and wanted to try it myself. It is a total waste of money. I was disappointed. When you apply it onto your face, it feel so dried out. Even when dispensing it onto your finger tips, you can already feel the dryness. It makes my face look old after putting it on since it dried out my skin before i even apply my foundation on. It does have a weird plastic smell to it but bearable since it goes away in like a couple of second. Not worth paying $11 for this product tho.

Best coverage!

I love this product. It has the best coverage out of all thee other bb cream i used. Not only that, in a few days, you will start to see that your face has whiten. It does not clear your face from acne or scar marks but the color of your skin will begin to even out. It blends in great with ALMOST any fair-medium color skin. It does not give your skin that irritating feeling. No scent since my skin is allergic to any makeup that are scented. I recommend this product because of the high SPF and the little usage of the product.

Many people misuse the product by applying too much onto their skin, making their face super white. I use about half a pea size and get awesome coverage and does not make my face white. I apply the product with a stippling brush.

the con for this product is that at the end of the day you do see that your face becomes shiny and glowy. A little blotting with blotting paper would do the trick. yet, you still have coverage afterwards.

its also a great alternative for foundation. since MY skin is acne prone, I use this product and it has became my best friend. my skin stop breaking out when i begun to use to product.

Simple and quick!

Ever get tired of trying to paint your nails without having to get your polish half coming off before it dries? If so, you will love this product. I did!! I was hesitating to buy either just regular nail polish or the Sally Hansen Salon Effect until i came across this product. Their basically the same thing. Just the fact that the Kiss brand was a couple dollar short and with a coupon. I got this at CVS for $6.99 with a $1.00 off coupon and thats not all, I also got a $3.00 extra cash too for actually buying the nail dress. So basically, I paid $2.00 and something cents for the nail dress. What can go wrong? Lets get to the point. I fell head over heal for this. I'm thinking of going back and get more. Hehe. Its super easy to apply. You can adjust the sticky part to fit your nails and then just press on it when your satisfied. There are lots of shapes and sizes to choose from. I even had left overs for my toes. The plus side to this, it is still usable after the product has been open and expose to the air unlike the Sally Hansen kinds you can't save it for later. Overall, I am very liking this product. I will go back and use that extra cash to get one more set. Oh, there are 26pieces in the box.

Enough said, now go out there and get yourself some. You will love 'em too. :)


Love Love Love

This is like my holly grill. I love this product. It has so much coverage that only a little pump will basically cover your entire face. I love it. Highly recommended. It keeps your face glowing throughout the day. Love that this product doesnt have a heavy scent to it. Its great for a lazy wear alone, as primer, or as a foundation. I use it as a foundation. So much product that will last you longer than a month or so. I love it. So will you. Give it a try. (hint: It actually cleared up my blemish and acne scars.)

Love it

I needed a heat protection spray for my hair since my hair had been looking nappy after I blow dry it. This product made my hair super soft after blow drying. My hair doesn't feel like its about to break one by one anymore. Lol. In the meantime, I love this product. Smells great...not too heavy on your hair.


I love the fact that the candle scent can last for days. It was actually a christmas gift but it was well worth it. The scent kept my apt smelling super good. That means, I am going back for more. Lol


I hate it. Two uses and its already done. bought the product in a manufacture seal plastic and it feels like it was open before. i was disappointed. It also made my lip chap and super super dry.

Love it!

This palette is one of my go-to palette when i am in need of a lip color. Its a gorgeous set that has many varieties of colors to choose from. the matte colors tend to stay on longer than the colors that have some kind of a shine in it. highly recommended for those who can't really afford all the lipstick colors but still loves colors. not pricey and does have enough product to last you.

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