Photo Ready Perfecting Primer


Taylor T.
Best primer I've used so far

I've used a lot of primers and none made my skin feel so silky and keep me matte as long as this primer. I'm super duper oily and I usually start getting oily around 4 hours or so but with primer I stayed matte all day or at least 95% of my day depending on which foundation I use. I work 9-4, 5 days a week in the 90 degree summer heat and the earliest I've gotten oily was about 2:30pm. It has virtually abolished the amount my makeup transferred. I don't know if this is my holy grail primer but it's pretty damn close

Kaitlin P.
Really perfecting!

This was a great product- I was really quite excited to try it as it seems to be very popular, and I was not disappointed! It was smooth and silky on my skin, and I noticed it made a lot of difference under my foundation to acne scarring on my forehead! It's very different to other primers I've used but I really love it. Also, a little goes a long way, particularly with how much you're given for the price!

Cristin I.
Really great!

Helps keep foundation from settling. You couldn't see any pores or fine lines. :) Great for all day wear so you don't have to keep running to a mirror for touch ups

Beck H.
I like it but. . .

Like this face primer but sometimes it can get dry after a while and crumbles and clumps if you accidentally put too much on. It's fickle. I want to find a better one and would be willing to pay more. This gets the job done though.

Tweetii M.
It's okay.

I like how it makes your skin super smooth. Hate the scent. It bothered me as certain scents irritate me. The makeup did last all day but I still was oily as it was a very hot day. 3 stars. It's okay.

Tori  B.
Good for oily skin types!

It really keeps me matte and keeps my makeup on all day. I like to wear it alone as well because it evens my skin tone and it gives it a really nice texture!

I actually liked this. light consistency and very silky, velvety feel. the pale pink color evened out my skin tone and texture, and the silicones gave my skin a flawless smooth finish. I never used any additional products over it--I found them unnecessary and just used it on its own. it's slightly drying, however, and I have dry skin, so that was a dealbreaker for me. I gave it to someone who could get better use out of it.

Rochelle B.

This was my first ever primer and I was not happy about it. The product is terrible, it didn't really help create a smooth surface on my skin, and when I would apply it, the product would just roll off and create these weird pink stuff? (similar to eraser sheddings). Maybe, I was applying too much, but nevertheless, I wasted $14 since I live in Canada and cosmetics is expensive in my province.

Savanna S.

This is the first primer I've used so I don't have much to compare to but I really like it. It minimizes my pores quite a bit and makes my skin perfectly smooth, I think I'd try out some other primers before buying this one again as it's more expensive than the foundation and I think there is definitely better products available out there.

Anita R.

In my opinion primer is primer. This primer is good. It does have a more dry feel to it, but it gets the job done. It's lasting me a really long time as well. Some people may not like the feel of it. Some may say it doesn't fell like anything and some may just say it feels dry.