Photo Ready Perfecting Primer

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Jessica B.

I honestly love this product so much! I've tried several other primers and nothing compares so far. It feels like silk on my skin and helped minimize my pores and give me a flawless look. I have an uneven skin completion and this helped out even everything out and made my foundation last.

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Kaitlin P.
Really perfecting!

This was a great product- I was really quite excited to try it as it seems to be very popular, and I was not disappointed! It was smooth and silky on my skin, and I noticed it made a lot of difference under my foundation to acne scarring on my forehead! It's very different to other primers I've used but I really love it. Also, a little goes a long way, particularly with how much you're given for the price!

Tori  B.
Good for oily skin types!

It really keeps me matte and keeps my makeup on all day. I like to wear it alone as well because it evens my skin tone and it gives it a really nice texture!

Cristin I.
Really great!

Helps keep foundation from settling. You couldn't see any pores or fine lines. :) Great for all day wear so you don't have to keep running to a mirror for touch ups

Ashley S.
I like it and would buy again (but won't need to for a while)

I've been using this product daily for about 3 weeks now and I like this considering the fact that it is a drugstore primer. I use primers to help control oil in my T-Zone and under my eyes(I get VERY OILY). It definitely helps to control the oil. I have tried it under foundation, concealer, and a TM (tinted moisturizer). it works just fine under all of them. It smoothes out my skin and makes my foundation, concealer, and TM glide on a lot easier and smoother. I didn't think the product was ridiculously thick. It doesn't have a horrible smell and it is pretty moisturizing for my skin type. It doesn't dry to fast but I usually don't spend 10 minutes applying primer anyways. Lately, I have been applying this right after I cleanse my face and then I apply my Smashbox TM on top. Even after 5 hours, everything still looks great. You get a lot of product so it will definitely last you a while. Overall, I like this product.

Taylor T.
Best primer I've used so far

I've used a lot of primers and none made my skin feel so silky and keep me matte as long as this primer. I'm super duper oily and I usually start getting oily around 4 hours or so but with primer I stayed matte all day or at least 95% of my day depending on which foundation I use. I work 9-4, 5 days a week in the 90 degree summer heat and the earliest I've gotten oily was about 2:30pm. It has virtually abolished the amount my makeup transferred. I don't know if this is my holy grail primer but it's pretty damn close

Beck H.
I like it but. . .

Like this face primer but sometimes it can get dry after a while and crumbles and clumps if you accidentally put too much on. It's fickle. I want to find a better one and would be willing to pay more. This gets the job done though.

Savanna S.

This is the first primer I've used so I don't have much to compare to but I really like it. It minimizes my pores quite a bit and makes my skin perfectly smooth, I think I'd try out some other primers before buying this one again as it's more expensive than the foundation and I think there is definitely better products available out there.

Kaitlin J.
Makes my skin look so much better!

It gives you a very soft velvety feel to your skin after applying and I've noticed how big of a difference there is from using this with foundation and not. It also helps to keep my foundation from turning an orange tint. I like how instead of squeezing it out of a tube of applying with a small brush they give you a pump. The only downside to this is the smell of it. You can smell the chemicals or whatever they put into it.

Autum D.

I've been using this primer for about two weeks now, and i like it. It really smoothes out your skin and somewhat diminishes the look of your pores. It seems to keep my makeup on all day, and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on my face even though its a little bit thicker. I have to say though, that my skin has been a little dry lately, which is strange due to the fact that my skin is usually somewhat oily or normal. I didn't think that this primer had anything to do with that until I read the reviews on this product, so that could be it. Either way though, it is not overly dry, and its only in some areas. I still like this product and will continue to use :)