Coastal Scents

66 Lip Color Palette


Molly M.

I got this because of all the colors available and I have not been disappointed. I do not have a huge problem with colors showing up too sheer on my lips. my favorite colors to use are the purples, they are very rich. my major complaint is I wish the pots were 10x bigger. I fear I'm going to finish my favorite colors quickly. This is great for those who like to play with their lips!

Tori W.
My Go To Palette!
Photo of product included with review by Tori W.

I love this palette. It is definitely my go-to palette. I see what colors I can use from here first. I like the option of painting on color with detail on the lips, rather than just smudging it with lipstick. BTW! It's great to use if you have lip piercings! You can get under and around them no trouble with a brush!

Kao Yee V.
Love it!

This palette is one of my go-to palette when i am in need of a lip color. Its a gorgeous set that has many varieties of colors to choose from. the matte colors tend to stay on longer than the colors that have some kind of a shine in it. highly recommended for those who can't really afford all the lipstick colors but still loves colors. not pricey and does have enough product to last you.

Theresa G.
In need of a lip palette.

I bought this palette to try it out because it has a LARGE variety of colors. I think it is very easy just to pull out one palette with all these colors than to pull out 25 tubes of lipstick. I am not crazy with the consistency. Some of the colors are sort of like a glue consistency but MOST of them are managable to work with : )

Jessica T.
Best lip palette I ever used.

I'm becoming a lipstick fanatic and the 66 Lip Palette from coastal scents gives me every shade I need without searching for lipsticks in my drawer. The pink, oranges, reds, and even nude shades works with every skin tone and are very pigmented. I bought the palette not thinking I would use it everyday, But I find myself using it and picking a new shade everyday!! The only con is you can't share the name of the shade when someone ask and the product is a small portion so your favorite will run out quickly..

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Paige D.

This is a nice lip palette but not my favorite the colors are nice but dont show up as much as i would want them to and the colors that do are red. Because the palette has so many colors there is not much of a color so you can go thought easly. and the color does not last long on our lips. this palette could be better ... js

Sherry B.

Many of the colors are sheer and the ones that arent are usally the same reds...even the fun colors like blue barely show up...more of lip GLOSS than lip COLOR...super small circle shaped wells and with a swatch or 2 the "color" is almost gone! since its a huge palette and not long lasting its not great for personal use bcuz youd need to reapply but its up to par for a makeup artist

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