Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream

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Emanuela A.

I love it, it's very light and feels so good on the skin. It has a decent amount of coverage and what I love best about it is that it adapts to my skin tone (I'm vey fair and have trouble finding something that matches me). It actually helps keeping my skin clear and moisturised, which is amazing, since I have normal to dry skin.

By the way.. I use one pump per application and so far it's been more than 3 months and it still hasn't shown signs of emptying. I'm curious how much it'll last. [later edit: it has lasted me 6 months]

Kao Yee V.
Love Love Love

This is like my holly grill. I love this product. It has so much coverage that only a little pump will basically cover your entire face. I love it. Highly recommended. It keeps your face glowing throughout the day. Love that this product doesnt have a heavy scent to it. Its great for a lazy wear alone, as primer, or as a foundation. I use it as a foundation. So much product that will last you longer than a month or so. I love it. So will you. Give it a try. (hint: It actually cleared up my blemish and acne scars.)