Wedding Guest Beauty Inspirations


Now that June is in full swing, your weekends are probably filled up with invites—ladies and gentlemen, welcome to wedding season! Get inspired with these with these three inspirational makeup, hair and nail tutorials from Beautylish Beauties that will have you looking like the picture perfect guest (but not better than the bride, of course!).

VIDEO Sunset on the Savannah by Allison A.

No matter what type of wedding (from black tie formal to outdoor garden setting) you'll be attending, you can't go wrong with a soft makeup look that will bring out your features beautifully.  Allison demonstrates a copper-tone lid and flushed cheeks that will look pretty on everyone and match any outfit.

VIDEO Big Loose Curls With a Straightener by Tina V.

Whether you have short or long hair, give it some volume and bounce with loose curls. A versatile style, soft waves can look both casual and formal, yet not overly done. Tina shows you how to create big curls with a flat iron. You can use a curling iron too, but if you do, wrap your hair strands around the barrel instead of clamping down it.

VIDEO Two Minute Nail Tutoria: Silver Gradient by Klaire D.

Nude or pink shades on your nails are perfect for any wedding. But if you want to add a little sparkle this summer, glitter nail polish is the way to go. Klaire creates a simple silver gradient design on her tips that anyone can recreate. Glitter nail polish is foolproof because if you glob on too much or too little product, no one will be able to tell!

Beautylish Tip: Have fun getting ready for the wedding but remember Beauties, don't go overboard with the makeup, hair and outfit (unless the invite specifies to do so). You never want to be that guest that tries to outshine the bride! 

Image courtesy of The Nichols