Harry Potter Nail Inspiration


Beauties, the time has come for part two of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The Potter legacy has inspired many a makeup design, and its last installment premieres world-wide this Friday. This week is the perfect time to get in spirit for your favorite wizard! There are a ton of different looks out there, but we decided to interpret J.K. Rowling's world on our fingertips. Not sure how to style your nails magical this week? Here are our Potter-approved design tips:

Get In Character

If you're a die-hard fan, dress yourself up with nails to match! Voldemort would probably sport a muddled green shade, while we see Bellatrix Lestrange in a deep vampy black—which character would you look like?

Incorporate Visual Symbols

If you don't want to get totally into character, you can still have statement Potter nails without the extra props. Take well-known visual elements from the novel and incorporate them into your next manicure (like we did!). The lightening bolt, Harry's glasses, the golden snitch, and Deathly Hallow's symbol are all identifiable marks of the 7th book. Keep the background simple (we've painted on a glossy black with subtle sparkle) and draw on familiar symbols on with a pigmented gold polish (like Myface Cosmetics Nail Chrome in Gilt-y).

Use Color & Pattern

Whether the yellow and black of Hufflepuff or the silver and emerald of Slytherin, "House" colors immediately conjure up strong ties to their respective members. We've drawn a burgundy and gold stripe pattern on our model's ring finger to represent team Gryffindor!

So Beauties, are you dressing up this week for the last Harry Potter film? Tell us how you'll amp up the magic with makeup!

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