Frosted Fingertips


Sparkling, shining, luminescent! Glitter nail polish has taken the beauty world by storm—and there are so many ways you can include the tiny tinsel in your manicure! Apply a thick shimmering coat to every nail, add a sprinkling to just your tips, or mix loose glitter into your polish. We look to four Beauties for a showcase of sparkle. Let us know which style you like best or upload your own glitzy mani in the comment section below!

Angie B.

A top coat of tiny glitter flecks looks gorgeous over any color polish. To make your shimmery polish really stand out, just apply it to one accent nail on each hand. Pair a yellow gold with a deep, burgundy like Angie for a rich, decadent manicure. This almost looks like gold-leaf!

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Natalie C.

For glistening fingertips with a fairy-tale glamour vibe, apply a coat of chunky sparkle polish (or loose glitter) to just the ends of your nails. The optical illusion will make your fingers look longer too.

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Pam H.

Go wild mixing bits of glitter confetti into an existing nail polish! Try Martha Stewart for an array of loose glitter. These extra-large pieces will ensure you get plenty of color and your fingertips will be party ready. It’s also a fun DIY project that will give older polishes new life.

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Justine P.

What’s better than all-over shimmer? Very fine, pigmented glitter polish will give you a lot of glitz, and a rose-gold metallic hue will show off every bit of sparkle.

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