Cuticle Tattoos! A New Way To Dress Up Your Nails


Remember the days of plain–color manicures that chipped in less than a week? Yeah, neither do we. We're now in an era when the term "nail art" is searched 2.5 million times a month on Google. The nail industry has come a long way since then—celebrities are embracing nail art and blogs, showcasing innovative designs that have popped up across the web. While celebs and bloggers and Instagram have all had a major impact on the growth of the industry, we can't give them all the credit. Nail products themselves have also been improving, with brands releasing polishes in new formulas and every texture imaginable at a breakneck pace (some 50 brands now offer a version of gel polish, for instance).

It's an exciting time for nails! But with that said, the nail art market has become a little crowded. So when something original comes across our desks, we take notice. One recent example: cuticle tattoos! Rad Nails, a popular online nail decal shop that has already partnered with Zooey Deschanel, recently released cuticle and nail "tattoos."

Essentially, they're temporary tattoos designed to fit your cuticles and nail beds. The effect is cool and eye-catching—if you have a polish color you really love, the tattoos are a good way to draw attention to it and show it off. There are four different shapes, each available in 20-packs that go for $6. Here we used "Your Point" (pointy nested triangles).

Rad Nails Beyond Cuticle with RGB Nail Polish in Pool

The tattoos are fairly easy to apply. After trimming them to fit and peeling off the plastic, you place the decal on your finger (paper side up), add a dab of water, press it into the cuticle area, and that’s it! The only tricky part is that the paper the decals come on is thick, so it can be difficult to see through and get them center-aligned perfectly. Still, after trying them on both the cuticles and inverted onto the nails, paired with some of our favorite nail colors of the moment, we're on board! We love the final effect and think they're a great option for changing up your mani in an unexpected way.

What do you think? Would you try cuticle tattoos?