Editorial: Bridal Looks

  • A Makeup Artist's Guide to Bridal Beauty Contracts

    A Makeup Artist's Guide to Bridal Beauty Contracts

    You’ve started freelancing bridal beauty but don’t have a contract for your gigs. Check out these tips to get your basic contract on the right path.

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  • What’s Your Bridal Beauty Style?

    What’s Your Bridal Beauty Style?

    Don’t know what type of bride you want to be? Narrow down your hair and makeup choices by figuring out what style you want for your dream nuptials. If you are prepping for the upcoming big day or just want to daydream your own wedding, keep reading as we go through four top ‘I Do’ themes.

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  • Bobbi Brown's Tips For The Modern Bride

    Bobbi Brown's Tips For The Modern Bride

    If you haven't heard already, Bobbi Brown's makeup was used for the wedding of the season—The Royal Wedding! We spoke with Bobbi for quick tips on perfect bridal beauty.

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  • Bridal Beauty Tips: Olive Undertone

    Bridal Beauty Tips: Olive Undertone

    While guests at your wedding will admire your gown, hair and jewelry, you will always be the main focus of attention—and by you, we mean your face! Bridal makeup artist Jane Kim lends her expertise on tips for olive undertone Beauties and transforms Pilar G. into a smoky-gray bride.

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  • Bridal Beauty Tips: Warm Undertone

    Bridal Beauty Tips: Warm Undertone

    You'll have more photos of you taken on your wedding day than any other day. Having the perfect makeup that you're comfortable with will make you look and feel your best. Beautylish's Christina gets a bridal makeover from makeup artist Jane Kim, and she gives us her tips for warm-toned Beauties like Christina!

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  •  Bridal Beauty Tips: Cool Undertone

    Bridal Beauty Tips: Cool Undertone

    On your wedding day, makeup and hair are just as important as your gown. An unflattering beauty look will make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and dampen your confidence. Bridal makeup artist Jane Kim lends her expertise on tips for cool undertone Beauties and transforms Beautylish's Victoria (also a cool undertone Beauty) into a classic bride.

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  • Bridal Beauty Tips

    Bridal Beauty Tips 

    There are so many things to think about for your wedding but one aspect you do not want to forget is your makeup and hair. We get the details from bridal makeup artist Jane Kim on how to get the best results when hiring a professional makeup artist.

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  • Kate Middleton's Bridal Manicure
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    Kate Middleton's Bridal Manicure

    On her big day, Kate Middleton chose classic Essie nail polish in Allure. Beautylish predicts this shade will quickly sell out with Royal Wedding fans, so if you love this sheer ivory-pink as much as we do, stock up now!

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  • Kate Middleton's Bridal Beauty

    Kate Middleton's Bridal Beauty

    Can we tell you why we're loving Kate's makeup? Besides the fact that she looks flawless—she did it herself! Keep reading for our post-ceremony bridal beauty report.

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  • Kate Middleton's Gown Revealed!

    Kate Middleton's Gown Revealed!

    It's finally revealed! Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen. Completely handmade from French Chantilly and English lace, Kate's wedding gown is a piece of art. Keep reading for all the details on how it was created, plus see which jewelry and shoes she's wearing as well.

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  • Vintage Bridal Beauty: European Elegance

    Vintage Bridal Beauty: European Elegance

    We're transporting you back in time for a little royal bridal history. We reminisce on both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana's bridal legacy and beauty looks. Be sure to view the vintage royal bridal gallery from 18th-20th century Europe!

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  • Jemma Kidd on Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Beauty

    Jemma Kidd on Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Beauty

    Makeup superstar and British beauty Jemma Kidd, also known as The Countess of Mornington, chats about Kate Middleton's wedding look. Read this royal's top beauty picks and predictions for the big day.

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  • Royal Wedding Ring Nail Art Tutorial

    Royal Wedding Ring Nail Art Tutorial

    To celebrate the upcoming nuptials, Beautylish decided to create an easy, elegant, and royally-inspired manicure. See how you can take nude nails to the next level with some finger bling inspired by the royal ring!

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