Bridal Beauty Tips: Warm Undertone


You'll have more photos of you taken on your wedding day than any other day. Having the perfect makeup that you're comfortable with will make you look and feel your best. Bridal makeup artist Jane Kim lends her expertise on tips for warm undertone Beauties and transforms Beautylish's Christina (also a warm undertone Beauty) into a bronzey bride. Check out Jane's bridal beauty tips when working with makeup artists and her tips for cool undertone brides.

Christina requests a subtle smokey eye with glowing skin. "I want to give her a bronze-warm look and emphasize the eyes with a chocolate brown gradient from dark to light." To start the bridal makeover, Jane threads Christina's eyebrows to reshape them. Similar to Victoria's cool undertone bridal makeover, the steps and makeup products are the same.

To highlight Christina's cheeks, brow bone and nose, Jane dusts Lorac Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder (editor's note: Christina was so impressed with the powder, she bought it for herself the following day). With a blending sponge, Jane dabs Nars Laguna Illuminator on the apples and blends it back into the hairline. Then she mixes two shades of coral and tawny blushes by Bobbi Brown and dusts the color onto the cheeks to make them pop. 

Christina has a small fold on her eyes so to enhance the shape, Jane concentrates a chocolate deep brown near the lash line and blends taupe shades with slight shimmers upwards. "I lined the top and bottom of the eyes, making sure to blend and smudge the bottom liner so it doesn't appear too intense." Jane applies a pair of natural-looking false lashes to open up the eyes and add an extra touch of glamour.

For the finishing touch, Jane lines and fills in Christina's lips with a pinky-red liner and lipstick. "Instead of going too pale on the lips, I opted for a tone that matched her lips so her whole face looks in sync with one another. Not one area on her face stands out harshly."

Looking at before and after photos of Christina, it's quite noticeable how a pair of well filled in eyebrows can completely define a face. Are you inspired by this bridal beauty look?

Warm Undertone Jane Kim's Bridal Make-up Tips

  1. To determine your undertone, look at the veins around your wrists. If they appear green, you are a warm undertone gal. 

  2. Sticking within the same color family as your skin tone will compliment your eyes beautifully. Taupes, gold, peaches, chocolate, navy and olive are superb choice of colors. If you go too light with eye shadow, the color can look mismatched on your face. If you go too matte, you can end up looking flat and one-dimensional so be sure to add a touch of shimmer (not glitter). 

  3. Red-orange tones of blushes like and terracottas, corals, coppers and cranberries will give your cheeks a glow that matches your skin's natural hue.

Image courtesy of Jane Kim

Jane Kim is a Bay Area makeup artist based in San Francisco, California,. "I love empowering women through beauty.The best part of my job is when I unveil a look to my clients—they stare in disbelief by their own reflection and thank me for a miraculous job well done. Only, I am not a magician. I am not a surgeon. I am not miracle worker. I see the beauty in people and enhance what beautiful features they have already been blessed with." You can find Jane at

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