Bridal Beauty Tips: Olive Undertone


While guests at your wedding will admire your gown, hair and jewelry, you will always be the main focus of attention—and by you, we mean your face! Bridal makeup artist Jane Kim lends her expertise on tips for olive undertone Beauties and transforms Pilar G. into a smoky-gray bride. Check out Jane's bridal beauty tips when working with makeup artists and her tips for cool undertone  & warm undertone.

Pilar is the type of girl that goes au naturel all the time. "For brides who are not accustomed to wearing makeup, it's important to talk about their options and what they do and do not want. Pilar didn't have a preference on makeup style, but wanted to look pretty. Keep in mind a client and makeup artist can have very different opinions about what 'pretty' is so communication is key." Similar to Victoria's cool undertone makeup and Christina's warm undertone makeup, the same products and steps are used on Pilar.

Jane mixes two shades of Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation for Pilar. "Makeup artists will not always have a certain shade of foundation that matches a client. You can easily fix it by combining two similar shades to match her skin tone perfectly." 

For a subtle smoky eye, Jane applies a dark gray shadow near the lash line and blends the corners with a matte brown to soften the harsh lines. "The gray compliments Pilar's olive skin tone perfectly. I didn't apply the eyeshadow too far up the brow bone, to keep the smokey eye looking subtle." False lashes always gives that extra touch of glam to any bride so Jane choses a thick set of lashes to use. To complete the eyes, she lightly lines the bottom waterline with a black eyeliner and coats the top and bottom lashes with mascara.

For a girl who never wears makeup, Pilar loved her makeover. "I'm all dolled up but I feel like myself!" she beamed as she bear hugged Jane. Are you inspired by this bridal beauty look?

Olive Undertone Jane Kim's Bridal Make-up Tips

  1. Skin undertones are the shades that appear under the skin. Olive undertones tend to have a mix of olive and yellow colors. A quick test would be to look at the veins on your wrists . If they look both blue and green, chances are you have olive undertones. 

  2. All colors are up for grabs when it comes to makeup for olive undertones! You can use any eye shadow colors that you prefer but mahogany, rich chocolates and smoky grays are always complimentary.

  3. For a flattering cheek and lip, stick with shades in the rose, cranberry, wine or plum families. Anything too bright like fuchsia or orange, will look too dramatic. 

Image courtesy of Kristen-Swanson

Jane Kim is a Bay Area makeup artist based in San Francisco, California,. "I love empowering women through beauty.The best part of my job is when I unveil a look to my clients—they stare in disbelief by their own reflection and thank me for a miraculous job well done. Only, I am not a magician. I am not a surgeon. I am not miracle worker. I see the beauty in people and enhance what beautiful features they have already been blessed with." You can find Jane at

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