DIY Wedding Makeup Guide

Photo: ©Katarina Simovic / Stocksy

In my opinion, acting as your own MUA on your wedding day is one of the most exciting tasks of the entire event…although I hear marrying your dream partner is pretty great, too.

Whether the big date is right around the corner or one year out, it’s never too early to start thinking about the makeup you’ll don the day of–and that’ll live on in pics forevermore. No pressure.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a DIY wedding makeup guide to inform your look, so you can feel confident (and look glowing) as you say “I do.” Now, before you recite your vows, please repeat after me…

From this day forward, I will remember to waterproof as much of my wedding makeup look as possible.

Seems like a no brainer, but forgetting this simple detail can be a real tear-jerker. So, here’s your reminder! Splashproof mascara and liquid eyeliner aren’t only important for misty-eyed moments, they’re also helpful if your wedding day forecast holds sweat-inducing temps. Be sure to also lock in your lip look with a waterproof liner that glides on seamlessly and stays strong. Seal it all in with a hardworking finishing spray that creates an invisible, breathable barrier, effectively setting liquid, cream, and powder products for complete protection against makeup meltdowns.

For richer, for poorer, I will splurge on a new eyeshadow palette, lashes, and brush set.

Consider it your something(s) new. My suggestion, give yourself a range of versatile, warm eye shadow shades in a variety of finishes to play around with. As you’re creating your look, consider going a touch heavier, (emphasis on ~a touch~). This will ensure that your eye look shows up in pictures, and the right brush set can help by targeting color in the proper spots depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. Add a pair of natural-looking false lashes to the mix for professional-looking results.

Glow serum, bronzer, and blush are symbols of my commitment to a radiant complexion.

First start with a glow-boosting priming serum to set up a radiant base for your foundation and concealer. ~A touch heavier~ also applies to bronzer and blush application. Go for powder bronzers that not only deliver a sunkissed glow, but also blur the appearance of imperfections. As for blush, opt for loose powder formulas that spread evenly for a long-lasting, smooth, and lustrous finish.

I promise to trial run my makeup and skincare routine in sickness and in health.

No matter what, practice your full beauty routine well before the wedding day and again closer to the date–then stick to it! It may seem like a harmless idea to switch up the practiced skincare or makeup regimen the day of the event, but sometimes something as simple as switching up your moisturizer can derail an entire look. Stay true to what worked in the trial run so there aren’t any surprises.